Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AH, WILDERNESS! by Eugene O'Neill: the Caedmon Records recording of the Theater Recording Society performance (1970)

The first performance of O'Neill I'd seen or heard.
Four, I think, stacked them on a spindle and four discs had sides 1-4, then you flipped the stack for sides 5-8.  A long afternoon with my father's 1960s Koss headphones...


Director: Theodore Mann

Originally staged at Ford's Theatre, Washington, DC, October 12, 1969

Nat Miller - Larry Gates
Essie - Geraldine Fitzgerald
Arthur - Alex Wipf
Richard - Tony Schwab
Mildred - Lucy Saroyan
Tommy - Frank Coleman, IV
Sid Davis - Stefan Gierasch
Lily Miller - Laurinda Barrett

 David McComber - Hansford Rowe
  Muriel McComber - Brenda Currin
  Wint Selby - William Dolive
  Belle - Peggy Pope
  Nora - Camilla Ritchey
  Bartender - Robert Legionaire
  Salesman - Henry Calvert

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