Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Music Club: Third Stream Music...some more of the best...

Brubeck Quartet:  "40 Days"

Bill Smith, Dave Brubeck, Gene Wright, Joe Morello: "The Unihorn"

The Modern Jazz Quartet with Laurindo Almeida: on Jazz 625

The Modern Jazz Quartet: "Three Little Feelings"; "The Jasmine Tree"

Toshiko Akiyoshi and John Lewis: "Willow Weep for Me"

Carla Bley and Steve Swallow: "Soon I Shall Be Done with the Troubles of This World"

Art Farmer, Jim Hall, Steve Swallow, Walter Perkins: "Some Time Ago"

Monk Quartet: on Jazz 625

The Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra: "Long Yellow Road"

Teo Macero and His Orchestra: "Sounds of May"

Mulligan Sextet: "Festive Minor"


Jim C. said...

Night Lights is a gorgeous album.

Todd Mason said...

Isn't it, though? I had two Mulligan albums at hand as a kid, the CBS What Is There To Say? and a Crown item that might or might not've been a pirate, with such Mexican songs as "Alla en el rancho grande" played very well indeed. When I started buying Mulligan albums as a teen, I was able to find Night Lights as a Japanese import at rather good price (probably a cut-out, but I don't have quick access to it to see at the moment). As always, good to hear from you, Jim.

Richard said...

Man, you really put up some good things this time, Todd. I like that Mulligan album too, and the Jazz 625 queues. Also, of course, the Art Farmer.

Todd Mason said...

Yes, Richard, and thanks...I was actually swinging for some fences, and the JAZZ 625 episodes were either back up or hard to resist (well, both, in most cases). The slightest thing here is exceedingly pleasant, by me...glad you like 'em, too.

John said...

Hope you see this, Todd. Can you include me in your Tuesday's Overlooked A/V post? I have a review of Altman's That Cold Day in the Park. Thanks.

Todd Mason said...

I planned to all along, John. Thanks!