Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday's Forgotten Books slightly delayed this morning by veterinary concerns.

A 9:45am veterinary appointment for Ms. Niki (Anna Nicole) Mason-Chang, a ginger tuxedo cat of some hardiness (cancer survivor, kidney-disease victor, possessor of a small ulcer on her once cancerous lip). 

A slightly later in the morning appearance than I'd planned. (If human, our she-cat Niki, named Anna by previous keepers apparently, would probably be a politician, as she's both fascinated to meet new apes and even new cats and quick to take offense at slights, as well as intent on being top of her feline hierarchy; younger dark tabby she-cat Ninja, who loves to figure out doors and the physics of bottles and is rather less good at interaction with other animals, would probably be an engineer; our white and black piebald tomcat Domino would probably be whatever a drunken frat-boy eventually becomes.)

Sorry for the delay...too familiar a tune in these parts. Life resolutely continues to happen. Happy Emancipation Day!


Mathew Paust said...

Pfffffffffffffft. Here's to Nicki winning another one.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks! Hope so.

Jerry House said...

Sending good wishes to Ms. Niki. And Happy World Art Day to you, Todd!

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Jerry...back at you!