Sunday, October 6, 2013

BORGEN: Season Three begins in the US (and high time)

The best tv political drama in Europe, and perhaps the world? Borgen (Danish for "castle" and a reference to the parliamentary building) might as well be, if it isn't...certainly the only thing in its league in the US right now is The Good Wife, which has a somewhat wider remit, while Borgen digs in deep...into the processes of politics and government, as well as into the lives of the characters in the series. In the third season premiere, the former Prime Minister of Denmark, Brigitte Nyborg, who oversaw a tempestuous coalition of her small Moderate Party (based on the actual Radical Party) and largely parties of the left, has been for some months retired from politics, and on the boards of several international corporations and giving a rather canned speech or so to any number of audiences. But she, and the other characters carrying over from previous seasons, find the pull of the current political situation irresistible, particularly as the "pragmatic" and essentially principle-free current neoliberal leader of the Moderates makes a ruthless common cause with the rightist parties in Denmark...

Eminently worth the hour:


  1. Managed to see the first three episodes and then had to return it to the library or pay $1 a day. It's on reserve again.

  2. Never even heard of this, Todd. Sounds like something I wouldn't mind getting caught up in. :) This also reminds me I have yet to play catch-up on THE GOOD WIFE.

    Hoping all is well, m'dear.


  3. Doing better than us in the UK then - I didn't even know there was a third season Todd - thanks for providing something to look forward to on the telly!

  4. I can't wait to see this! I bought the first two DVD sets and watched them this Summer. Fabulous!

  5. I hope you enjoy, and have enjoyed, what you've seen, Patti.

    Yvette, as you can tell, I'm a big fan of the series.

    Sergio, Link TV in the States has been unsurprisingly excited about this series, rather more than BBC (Channel 4?) has been about it in the UK...Link has begun transmission of the second and perhaps even the first series/seasons before anyone saw it domestically in the British Isles...

    George, you're not going to be disappointed with the season premiere, I suspect.

  6. This stars at the wekeend in the UK now, so all very exciting!


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