Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: one more link added

what I could gather, somehow missing Ron Scheer's till recently, and finally adding my own:

Bill Crider: Fort Ti

Brian Arnold: Homefront (1991-1993)

Chuck Esola: Race with the Devil

Eric Peterson: Scenes from the Goldmine

Evan Lewis: "Injun Trouble"

Iba Dawson: Hot Fuzz

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Brenda Starr, Reporter

James Reasoner: Night Moves

Jerry House: Yancy Derringer

Kate Laity: Hancock's Half Hour

Patti Abbott: The Music of Chance

Randy Johnson: Journey To The Seventh Planet

Ron Scheer: Death of a Gunfighter

Scott Cupp: Drums of Fu Manchu

Stacia Jones: "The Janitor"/Wet Dreams

Steve Lewis: Search and Destroy

Todd Mason: Pat Pauslen for President

Walter Albert: Ladies Should Listen

Yvette Banek: Jane Eyre(s); Susan Slept Here

Related matters:

Elizabeth Foxwell: early journal access from JSTOR

Michael Shonk: Fringe


  1. Just posted my Official Overlooked film. Possibly you put my Jane Eyre post under 'other' ?

    Looks like another good listing this week.

  2. Guess what -- I actually did one this week! Cheers --

  3. All these and Scott Cupp, too, now added. Will there be more...maaaaybeee....


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