Sunday, April 10, 2022

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: Bestselling Swedish Author to Pen Next Three DRAGON TATTOO Books:

"The three new novels are set to be released in English as THE GIRL WHO IS GOING THROUGH PERIMENOPAUSE, THE GIRL WITH THE DOWAGER'S HUMP and THE GIRL WITH THE UTTERLY UNSURPRISING BONE LOSS AT HER AGE. The possibility of a new pendant series, beginning with THE GIRL'S GREAT-GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER MIGHT EVENTUALLY GET TO BE A WOMAN SOMEDAY is being carefully mooted.

"Knopf has also purchased rights to reprint several older books with Larsson-traduction titles, such as Marabel Morgan's THE TOTAL GIRL and Joanna Russ's THE GIRLISH MAN, though no date has been set for this new line of sadness."