Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Memorial

The Breeders were That good. Really, folks, Try not to abnegate yourselves with anything, including narcotics, black tar or otherwise...and maybe we can stop incarcerating the slow suicices. They've got their own liminal, limned houses.

And there was that other band Kim Deal was in. The Pixies called my folks' house once, at like 2-3am ET, to talk to my brother, who'd sent them some art. They were feeling no pain. My father, who answered the phone, was feeling less festive. (I didn't live there any longer, or I might've saved everyone a brief lack of actual conversation.)


C. Margery Kempe said...

Whoa -- late night Pixie call! Hee. The Breeders indeed the good stuff. "Cannonball" was one of those rare, stop-me-in-my-tracks tracks.

David Cranmer said...

The wife and I were just listening to The Breeders a few weeks ago.

Todd Mason said...

They are apparently touring a bit, behind the 2008 album...but don't know if they'll continue. POD was a brilliant album, by me, and "Lime House" slapped me as hard as anything the Pixies recorded.

Eric, my brother, met Kim Deal once, I believe after the Arty Call, but she was in a louche mood after a 9:30 Club concert (the original 9:30 would inspire loucheness in anyone), seemed mostly interested in bumming a cigaret off him...she was out of luck.