Thursday, June 6, 2019

Folk-Rock with strong jazz flavors: Saturday Music Club on Thursday

Fairport Convention: Bouton Rouge, Live Broadcast, April 27 1968 (my father's 31st birthday...TM)

01-Morning Glory. 02-Time Will Show The Wiser.. 03-Reno Nevada. Line-Up: Judy Dyble - Vocals/Recorder Iain Matthews - Vocals. Simon Nicol - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals. Ashley "Tyger" Hutchings - Bass Guitar. Richard Thompson - Lead Guitar/Vocals. Martin Lamble - Drums

Pentangle: Live on Norwegian Television 1968

vocal: Jacqui McShee guitars: John Renbourn & Bert Jansch bass: Danny Thompson drums: Terry Cox

Fotheringay: Live at The Beat Club 1970

1 Nothing More 00:00 2 Gypsy Davey 04:52 3 John The Gun 08:42 4 Too Much Of Nothing 13:34

Eclection: "Mark Time"

Eclection: "Please"

Eclection: "St. Georg and the Dragon (Up the Night)"

Joni Mitchell Band: Shadows and Light

Joni Mitchell: 1970 UK television (The Old Grey Whistle Test production unit?)
Chelsea Morning 0:00 (from Clouds, 1969) Cactus Tree 3:15 (from Song to a Seagull, 1968) My Old Man 7:56 (from Blue, 1971) For Free 11:35 (from Ladies of the Canyon, 1970) California intro 16:25 music 18:15 (from Blue, 1971) Big Yellow Taxi 22:21 (from Ladies of the Canyon, 1970) Both Sides Now 25:46 (from Clouds, 1969)

The Byrds: "I See You"

The Byrds: Monterey Pop 1967 set with stage chatter edited out

The Byrds: "Eight Miles High" (1970 at Fillmore East)

Gene Clark and Roger McGuinn: "Eight Miles High" (Capitol Theatre, 4 March 1978)


Jerry House said...

Good stuff.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Jerry!

George said...

Joni Mitchell was the best of this musical movement. I liked the folk-rock movement (do we include Bob Dylan?) with groups like BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD and artists like Tom Rush.

Todd Mason said...

Mitchell certainly one of the best, and Bob Dylan also has done most of his best work in the folk-rock mode.

Todd Mason said...

As I've noted elsewhere, rarely have I seen a performance, particularly a good performance, from a band as visibly angry, probably with each other and apparently with the French tv people as well, as Fairport in that first concert video.

Todd Mason said...

Perhaps when Donna and I saw Husker Du on their last concert tour. Absolutely no talk from or on the stage, and the band kept turning up the volume after every song.