Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My friend's Bahamian porpoise interaction experience:

Definitely a memorable experience. Was a bit concerned about dolphins in captivity and the profit from it, but most were rescued. They have lived long, and they are not forced to interact, at least that's what the "trainers" say. We saw that in motion as one, the oldest one, would not interact closely with [her husband] Stacy. Apparently, after long consideration and impressive detection by her trainers, she was uncomfortable with the titanium in Stac's left knee. After using the opportunity to influence her behavior ("training") she was allowed to interact with Stac in a way that she felt comfortable. She, Princess, a 40 yo female (25 is the average in the wild), only felt cool with connecting facially while keeping the rest of her at a safe distance. After this, I concluded that they are good "slave" owners. This made me a little more comfortable with enjoying the opportunity to interact with the two dolphins. It seems that all of my party had the same concerns and appreciations. Frankly, though, I'm still mixed about the experience. Mostly, good though. Especially being propelled through the water by them, each of their noses pushing the bottoms of my feet. Memorable.