Monday, March 27, 2017

Robert Bloch centennial: 5 April 2017

Stephen Haffner, who publishes at Haffner Press, wrote today to remind Patti Abbott and myself that Robert Bloch was born on 5 April 1917, and thus the 100th anniversary approaches.

If ever there seemed a time for remembrance, that might well be it! 

Patti has offered to publish anything relevant one wants to place with her blog on 5 April, and I'll certainly extend the same offer, along with the hope that anything you might write up on your own blog or other public access site you might let us know about...I'll certainly gather any links. 

And if you'd like to make your Friday Book or other weekly entry about any of the many, many works of this prolific and influential genius, an innovator in several fields of literature and not insignificant as a dramatist, please do...and let us know...

Thanks!  TM

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