Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tuesday's Overlooked A/V, the much delayed...and finally revised and continued in the next post.

Anne Billson: Hugh Grant; chapter titles in movies; photographers in movies

Anonymous: Commissar; Still Mine; Ordet; Intolerance

Bhob Stewart: "Beat Memories: The Photography of Allen Ginsberg"; the Firesign Theater; World's Fairs; Stan Freberg on The Dick Caveat Show

The Big Broadcast: 17 April 2016           
  • 07:00p Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
    12/04/61 #717 The Earned Income Matter (CBS) (23:22)
  • 07:30p Dragnet
    08/03/54 #259 Big Stand (NBC) (23:56)
  • 08:00p Gunsmoke
    05/28/55 #163 Cow Doctor (CBS) (24:24)
  • 08:30p Molle Mystery Theater 
    10/12/45 A Death is Caused (NBC) (24:30)
  • 09:00p The Halls of Ivy
    04/14/50 #15 Mrs. Foster's Lost Dog (Schlitz Beer) (NBC) (28:26)
  • 09:30p Mysterious Traveler
    06/08/48 #157 Murder is My Business (Sus.) (MBS) (29:42)
  • 10:00p Mercury Theater
    07/18/38 #02 Treasure island (Sus.) (CBS) (60:00)

B.V. Lawson: Media Murder

...please see next post (above).


SteveHL said...

I think the dreaded Spellcheck demon struck again.

The Dick Caveat Show? Watch this...if you dare!

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

As always, thanks chum - hope the move goes well!

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Sergio! And that's wonderful, Steve, isn't it?