Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Elegies and Lamentations: Saturday Music Club on Tuesday

Oscar Brown, Jr. sets Gwendolyn Brooks's "of De Witt Williams on His Way to Lincoln Cemetery" to music: "Elegy"

different songs, same title:
Shelley Fisher: "Big City Lights"

Cleo Randle (aka Cleo Jackson): "Big City Lights"

Cleo Randle: "The Best Man I Ever Had"

Abbey Lincoln: "Retribution"

Abbey Lincoln: "Africa" (mix is bad and the band is taking it too fast, but interesting to see this lovely song in performance on The Hollywood Palace of all places)

Louis Armstrong, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Brubeck, Morello and Wright: "They Say I Look Like God"

Carmen McRae, Brubeck, Morello and Wright: "Lord, Lord"

Miriam Makeba: "Quit It"

Gil Scott-Heron Band: "Johannesburg"

Gil Scott-Heron Band: "Lady Day and John Coltrane"

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