Friday, December 15, 2017

Richard Lupoff on Bill Crider

I can only recall meeting Bill Crider once--at a Bouchercon--but wish I'd got to know him better. In person he was a pleasant person. "Comfortable" strikes me as the appropriate word. He was courteous and relaxed. We also corresponded, and read each other's books. I'm sure it didn't hurt, but he seemed to like mine, and reviewed them on occasion, in a sensitive and positive manner.

His own books reflected his nature: courteous, thoughtful, intelligent. He seemed to be rather like Tony Hillerman. His heroes were rather like him. His killers, like Tony Hillerman's, were more broken and warped individuals rather than human monsters.

He has always been an ornament and an asset to our community. As long as he is with us he will continue to be a shining light.

Dick Lupoff

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Paul Dellinger said...

Comments on, and comments from, two writers I admire.

Todd Mason said...

And I like or better than like the fiction, etc., of all three of you...