Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday's Forgotten Books, for the Abbott Vacation Friday

For convenience, I decided to break this off from the post below and set it up as its own post:

For further "forgotten books" this Friday, a weekend FFB host Patti Abbott has taken off, please see:

Bill Crider, The Tell-Tale Tart by Peter Duncan
Scott Cupp, The Spider vs the Empire State by Norvell Page
Ed Gorman, No Way To Treat a Lady by Harry Longbaugh (William Goldman)
Glenn Harper, Obsessions by Julia Kristeva
Randy Johnson, The Kissed Corpse by Asa Baker (Davis Dresser, aka "Brett Halliday")
BV Lawson, Shroud of Canvas by Isobel Mary Lambot
Le0pard13, Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, plus film and song choices
Steve Lewis, Die a Little by Megan Abbott
Todd Mason, This Fabulous Century edited by J. Korn(?), and The Brittanica Book of the Year edited by divers hands

For the regular weekly roundup of "forgotten" books, please see Patti Abbott's blog.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, Todd. Am I ignored, superfluous or too bossy?

Todd Mason said...

(as evidence of how much I need writing practice, I was distracted while writing this and it became partially gibberish as originally posted...QED...)

Just because one starts a meme, doesn't mean that one can stop it, or even stymie it--you're not superfluous, domineering nor actually ignored, just perhaps a bit...optimistic? I know I need the writing exercise. I think most of the other contributors need to keep a cycle (you break it, you lose it), or simply need to keep bringing these books back before the public--I certainly have some evangelical zeal in some cases. I like the process by which I land on choices for a week, even as they do stray way beyond the bounds of crime fiction...even as they always have at least Some relevance to some all human activity does...

Todd Mason said...

Not to mention that they're fun, even as wrestling with Blogspot to get them listed correctly ain't.

K. A. Laity said...

The meme is bigger than the blogger.