Thursday, May 29, 2014

May's Underappreciated Music: the Links

The monthly assembly of undervalued and often nearly "lost" music, or simply music the blogger in question wants to remind you reader/listeners of....

Patti Abbott: Tuesday Night Music; Saturday Night Music; Theme Music

Brian Arnold: The Coasters

Jayme Lynn Blaschke: Friday Night Videos

Jim C.: Herbie Mann and Rufus Harley: The Wailing Dervishes

Sean Coleman: The Who Sell Out

Bill Crider: Forgotten Music; Song of the Day 

Elizabeth Foxwell: Lalo Schifrin; Maurice Jarre

Woody's Children 45th Anniversary Concert: the full audio recording of the radio series special, which will have a shorter-form PBS pledge special seen nationally beginning in August:

Pictured (L to R): Holly Near, Nora Guthrie, Christine Lavin, Noel Paul Stookey, host Bob Sherman, David Amram, Tom Paxton, Tom Chapin, Sandy O and Pat Humphries of emma's revolution.

Jeff Gemmill: Diane Birch: Bible Belt

Jerry House: The Zombies; Hymn Time; Herb Jeffries: "Flamingo" ; much else on a daily basis

Randy Johnson: Soil; Steel Panther; Little Caesar

George Kelley: Roy Orbison: Mystery Girl

Kate Laity: The Tonebanks; The Autumn Stones

Evan Lewis: The Outsiderz

Todd Mason: Memorial Day; music from my Mother; more Third Stream Music

Lawrence Person: Shoegazer Sunday

Charlie Ricci: The Dynamics: First Landing:  Ben Vaughn: The Desert Trailer Sessions; Arthur Alexander: Lonely Just Like Me: The Final Chapter

Jeff Segal/Vivienne Chow: Maggie Cheung

The Byrds: Under Review (part 5, and a link to all that's online)--a nice actually live vocals clip of "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better"...followed by the whole Hullabaloo performance, below:

Diane Birch: "Fools"  

Tune detective time: 
Herb Jeffries with the Ellington Orchestra: "Flamingo" (1940)

Anita O'Day with the Krupa  Orchestra: "Skylark" (1941)


Charlie Ricci said...

I saw Diane Birch live at the WXPN festival a few years ago and I loved her so much that I purchased Bible Belt on the spot. The CD is just as good. I haven't heard her 2nd CD yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Todd Mason said...

She's new to me, but she does seem a total and adept musician.