Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Music Club: some bands with singers, some singers with bands...

Carmen McRae with Brubeck, Morello and Wright: "Oh So Blue" 

Diahann Carroll and the Modern Jazz Quartet: "La Cantatrice"

Jeanne Lee and Ran Blake: "All About Ronnie"

Abbey Lincoln: "Love Has Gone Away"

Aretha Franklin: "Deeper"

Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan: "Watermelon Man"

Ana Tijoux Live in Berlin

Carmen McRae Quartet: Jazz Casual


Rick Robinson said...

The Carmen McRay is especially nice.

Todd Mason said...

The one song, or the JAZZ CASUAL episode? Of course, I like both...and will take the opportunity to note that the song version changes the title of the earlier instrumental, "Far More Blue" (from the TIME FURTHER OUT: MIRO REFLECTIONS album).

Thanks, Rick!

Jim C. said...

The collaboration of Carmen and Brubeck reminded me of their never-performed (as far as I know) musical, the Real Ambassadors, with LHR and Louis Armstrong -- some great stuff on that recording. Love Carmen!

Todd Mason said...

I think, as THE REAL AMBASSADORS was written on assignment from the State Department, that some subset of the album's folks did present at least some of it while on tour around the world, but have only the faintest of memories of that. Should Go Look It Up.