Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: the links to reviews, interviews and more

This week's selections of insufficiently (or sometimes not quite insufficiently) appreciated items of film, television, radio, stage, and other dramatic performing arts productions. If I've missed your, or someone else's review, citation, etc., please let me know in comments. Thanks to all the contributors and to you readers.

Anne Billson: Rep: Older Films I Saw in Theaters in 2015

Anonymous: The Double Life of Veronique; The Lady Eve

Bhob Stewart: Ryan Larkin; Hunger by Peter Foldes; Alicia Minor's "Cannibal Holocaust"

The Big Broadcast: 3 January 2016

Bill Crider: Secret of the Incas [clip, albeit w/spoilers]

Brian Arnold: Popeye: "Spinach Greetings"

BV Lawson: Media Murder

Colin: Santa Fe Passage

Comedy Film Nerds: Year's End

The Cracked Podcast: Movies Which Would Be Better from a Different POV

Cynthia Fuchs: Left on Purpose; Missing People

Dan Stumpf: It's in the Bag [and previous takes: Walter Albert's and my own]

David Vineyard: The Yellow One

Dorian Bartolucci: His Kind of Woman

Elgin Bleecker: Cold in July

Eve: Leatrice Joy Gilbert Fountain

Elizabeth Foxwell: The Unholy Four (aka The Stranger Came Home); Red Nightmare

Evan Lewis: Captain Midnight (a 1955 tv episode)

Gary Deane: 11 for 2015

George Kelley: Brooklyn; Carol

Gilligan Newton-John: Benji (the audio/storybook adaptation); Take This Job and Shove It; four obscure action films (some NSFW imagery); Ice Capades 1975

Iba Dawson: Miles Ahead; Macbeth (2015)

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Cattle Empire; the GetTV network, et al.; classic Xmas films

Jack Seabrook, Peter Enfantino, John Scoleri, Jose Cruz and Gilbert: 2015 favorites, new and reissued

Jackie Kashian: Brock Wilbur on Silent Hill and other horror-oriented video games; Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin's new podcast

Jacqueline T. Lynch: classic Xmas films

Jake Hinkson: 2015, old and new films

James Branscome: 2015 discoveries of older films

James Clark: Flight of the Red Balloon

James Reasoner: Mr. Moto Takes a Chance

Janet Varney: Aya Cash

Jerry House: The Scarecrow (1920 film)

John Grant: The Painted Lady; Mystery of the 13th Guest 

Jonathan Lewis: Hero and the Terror You and Me

Karen Hannsberry: Convicted; The Criminal Code

Kate Laity: The Ealing Comedies

Ken Levine: Wayne Rogers; how US broadcast networks might get out of their slump

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show: Kelly Carlin

Kristina Dijan: Jack the Ripper (1959 film); The Life of Jimmy Dolan; Highway Dragnet; A Matter of Life and Death; December films

Laura G: The Letter; And Now Tomorrow; Cy Endfield; Hitler's Children; Dial Red O; Pillow to Post

Lucy Brown: The First of the Few

Marty McKee: Truck Turner; Escape 2000 (aka Turkey Shoot)

Mildred Perkins: Fido

Mystery Dave: The Aviator

Patricia Nolan-Hall: The Absent-Minded Professor

Patti Abbott: Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams; Michael Caine; One and Done

Pop My Culture: Matt Mira

Rick: Homicidal; 2015 most popular posts

Robert/Television Obscurities: WCBW (later WCBS) schedule, Week of 29 June 1941; Code 3 (tv series); The Ghostbreaker (1967 telefilm/pilot)

Rod Lott: On Her Bed of Roses; House of Long Shadows; Fantastic Four (2015 film); Shriek of the Mutilated

Rupert Pupkin: Figures in a Landscape

Ruth Kerr: Borderline

Sachin Gandhi: 2015 Top Ten films, and honorable mentions

Scott A. Cupp: Them!

Sergio Angelini: film noir

Stacia Kissick Jones: The Earth vs. the Flying Saucers; The Discoverers

Stephen Bowie: The "Vast Wasteland" at 50

Steve Lewis: Confidentially Yours [aka...]; Ghost Story: "The New House" (pilot)

Todd Mason: Fred Allen memorialized by Toshiko Akiyoshi, Cyd Charisse and Ann Landers among more likely folk; recent television series in "less-traveled" pathways:
The Man in the High Castle (Amazon)
Midtown (TuffTV broadcast/Amazon streaming)
Everyone's Crazy But Us (Funny or Die/YouTube streaming)
The Hotwives of Atlanta (Hulu)
No, You Shut Up! (Fusion cablecast/YouTube streaming)
W/Bob & David (Netflix)
The Price of More (Crackle streaming)
Falcón (CinéMoi cable/streaming)
Spotless (Esquire Network/streaming)
Flesh and Bone (Starz)

Vienna: The Letter

Wallace Stroby: The Five Best Heist Films You've Never Seen

WTF: Gloria Steinem and Kliph Nesteroff

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