Monday, May 1, 2017

April's Underappreciated Music: the links

The monthly assembly of undervalued and often nearly "lost" music, or simply music the blogger in question wants to remind you reader/listeners of...

Patti Abbott: Night Music

Brian Arnold: Genesis

Jayme Lynn Blaschke: Friday Night Videos

Paul D. Brazill: A Song for Saturday

Jim Cameron: The Knockouts

Tobias Carroll: 10 Biographies of '70s Musicians (courtesy Bill Crider)

Sean Coleman: Burton Cummings: At Massey Hall

Bill Crider: Song of the Day; Forgotten Hits

Ana Popovic Band: untitled guitar solo

Jeff Gemmill: Roxy Music: The High Road; Juliana Hatfield: Pussycat; Juliana Hatfield Three; Juliana Hatfield: Got No IdolsAlbums of the Year; Maria McKee; Top 5; The Essentials

Jerry House: Christine Lavin; Hymn Time; Music from the Past

Kate Laity: Song for a Saturday

B. V. Lawson: Your Sunday Music Treat

Steve Lewis, Jonathan Lewis and Michael Shonk: Music I'm Listening To

Todd Mason: Lambert, Hendricks, Ross, Bavan and friends; music to adapt Robert Bloch stories with

Kasey Lansdale and Vince White; "Hard to Be a Lady"

Andrew Orley: Nobody's Listening

Lawrence Person: Shoegazer Sunday

Sharon Gilchrist and friends: "Squirrel Hunters"

James Reasoner: Middle of the Night Music

Charlie Ricci:  J. Geils, RIP
Carol Wincenc, flute; Jonathan Swartz and Erica Kiesewetter, violins, Nancy Buck, viola, Jesus Castro-Balbi, cello: Amy Beach: Theme and Variations for flute and strings, Op. 80


Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Such a varied crop Todd - a lot to learn about, as ever, and the enjoy! Thansk chum.

Todd Mason said...

Thank you. Sergio...and I probably should add one of yours that stressed a soundtrack...

Mike Hobart said...

Christine Lavin -- I remember buying her stuff on cassette after seeing her as the musical guest on the weekly Australian TV show SUNDAY with Jim Waley. I wonder where that tape is now?

Todd Mason said...

Good hunting!