Friday, December 14, 2018

Underappreciated Music: November into December 2018

The monthly assembly of undervalued and often nearly "lost" music, or simply music the blogger in question wants to remind you readers/listeners of...

Brian Arnold: The Jive Turkeys: "Get Down Santa"/"Funky Jesus"; The AndyWilliams Christmas Show (1966): The Johnny Cash Christmas Show (1978);  The Making of A Charlie Brown Christmas; Bing Crosby's Merrie Olde Christmas (1977)

Tony Baer: Al Hirt: The Horn Meets the Hornet

Jayme Lynn Blaschke: Friday Night Videos

Paul D. Brazill: St. Lucifer: Music is Violence

James Cameron: The Paragons Meet the Jesters

Sean Coleman: George Harrison: Dark Horse; The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society; The Police: Synchronicity

Folkfest on WGN-TV, Chicago, 1961: featuring Valentine Pringle and ?Plurry 

"DJ Food": Living Music #1; Sonorama (courtesy Paul Di Filippo)

Jeff Gemmill: Top 5s; Remember December: 2018 Albums

Michael A. Gonzales: Iceberg Slim: Reflections

Keiko Hassler: The Pearl City High School Chargers Band (featuring Keiko's son Taiyo Watt): "Hawaiian War Chant" (Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018)

Jerry House: Hymn Time; Music from the Past; The 25 Days of Christmas

George Kelley: The Original Divas; Tenaya and Andre Darlington: Booze and Vinyl; Al Jarreau: Christmas 

Kate Laity: The Fall: "Rebellious Jukebox"; Song for a Saturday: Ida Lupino et al.

Steve Lewis: Music I'm Listening To

Little Milton: "Lonely No More"

Laura Nakatsuka: Ensemble Correspondances & Sébastien Daucé: "Pastorale de Noël" (Marc-Antoine Charpentier) and

Sequentia: "Anima processional" from Ordo Virtutum (Hildegard von Bingen)

Katya Oddio: Echo: The Magazine You Play on Your Phonograph ("DJ Food" on Echo)

Charlie Ricci: Haimish Stuart: Let It Snow; D. B. Reilly: Live from Chester; Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds Tour, Bensalem, PA, 3 November 2018; Nat King Cole Trio: Transcriptions

Jeff Segal: The Regrettes: "Hey Now" and

The Regrettes: "Seashore"

A. J. Wright: Chuck Berry: "The Promised Land"

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