Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday's "Forgotten" Books and More: the links to the reviews: 17 May 2019

This week's books and more, unfairly (or sometimes fairly) neglected, or simply those the reviewers below think you might find of some interest (or, infrequently, you should be warned away from); certainly, most weeks we have a few not at all forgotten titles...if I've missed your review or someone else's, please let me know in comments.

The coincidental inclusion of a review of Herman Wouk's least forgotten novel, The Caine Mutiny, might be forgiven on this day of the announcement of his death, 10 days before his 104th birthday. 

Patricia Abbott: Broken Harbor by Tana French

Frank Babics: Who Can Replace a Man? aka The Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W. Aldiss 

Mark Baker: Murder in Little Italy by Victoria Thompson

Brad Bigelow: The Bloater by Rosemary Tonks

Paul Bishop: W. Glenn Duncan 1940-2019

Les Blatt: The Exploits of the Patent Leather Kid by Erle Stanley Gardner

Joachim Boaz: The World Menders by Lloyd Biggle; The Sudden Star by Pamela Sargent; The Lost Face by Josef Nesvadba (translated by Iris Urwin)

John Boston: Amazing Stories: Fact and Science Fiction, June 1964, edited by Cele Goldsmith Lalli

Ben Boulden: Call Me Hazard by "Frank Wynne" (Brian Garfield); Closeup by Len Deighton 

Brian Busby: An Army Doctor's Romance by Grant Allen

Steve Case: The Deep by John Crowley

Ellison Cooper: The Lingala Code by Warren Kiefer

Hector DeJean: The Man in a Cage by (Jack aka) John Holbrook Vance

Martin Edwards: The Name of Annabel Lee by Julian Symons

Peter Enfantino: Atlas (proto-Marvel) horror comics, April 1952

Will Errickson: Finishing Touches by Thomas Tessier

José Ignacio Escribano: Big Sister by Gunnar Staalensen (tranlated by Don Bartlett)

Olman Feelyus: Ship of Fools by Katherine Anne Porter 

Mark Finn: "The God in the Bowl" by Robert E. Howard

Paul Fraser: Astounding Science-Fiction, November 1943, edited by John W. Campbell, Jr.

John Grant: The Liar's Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard; Good Morning, Darkness by Ruth Francisco

Aubrey Hamilton: She Came Back by Patricia Wentworth

Rich Horton: The Rose and the Ring by William Makepeace Thackery; Roger Zelazny capsule reviews; Alter S. Reiss stories; The Ghost Brigades and The Lost Colony by John Scalzi 

Jerry House: Zane Grey Comics #246, 1949: Thunder Mountain adapted

Kate Jackson: A Knife for Harry Dodds by "George Bellairs" (Harold Blundell); Death Comes as the End by Agatha Christie 

Tracy K: The Iron Gates by Margaret Millar; April reading

Colman Keane: "Sweet Little Hands" by Lawrence Block

George Kelley: The Great SF Stories #9 (1947) edited by Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg

Joe Kenney: Chase by Norman Daniels

Rob Kitchin: The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan; The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk

B. V. Lawson: A Bleeding of Innocents by Jo Bannister

Evan Lewis: "Tarzan" aka "Tarzan and the Tarmangani", a 1940s Tarzan comic book prose filler/mailing permit content attributed to Edgar Rice Burroughs, ghostwriter unknown

Steve Lewis: "Child of the Green Light" by Leigh Brackett, Super Science Stories February 1942, edited by Alden H. Norton; Saturday Night Dead by Richard Rosen; "The Eyes of Countess Gerda" by May Edginton, The Story-Teller, December 1911

John F. Norris: The Perfect Alibi by Christopher St. John Sprigg

John O'Neill: Davy by Edgar PangbornTea with the Black Dragon by R. A. MacAvoy

Matt Paust: The Last Supper by Charles McCarry

James Reasoner: The Land of Mist by "Arthur Quiller" (Kenneth Bulmer)

Gerard Saylor: The Night of the Soul Stealer by Joseph Delaney

Jack Seabrook and Peter Enfantino: DC war comics, December 1974 (and the best of 1974)

Steven H Silver: George Scithers (editor of Amra, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine, Amazing Stories, Weird Tales)

Victoria Silverwolf: Worlds of Tomorrow, February 1964, edited by Frederik Pohl

Kerrie Smith: City of the Sun by David Levien

"TomCat": The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage by Enid Blyton

David Vineyard: Strip for Murder by Richard S. Prather


Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks, Todd. I was on a few planes this week and read a collection from 2010 called "Los Angles Noir." It was good, and I especially liked a Margaret Millar story called "The People Across the Canyon." I am getting more and more drawn into reading her work.

Todd Mason said...

You can do worse.

Check out this special blogging week emphasis on Millar:

And as always, thank you.