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FRIDAY'S "FORGOTTEN" BOOKS AND MORE: the links to the reviews: 6/7 September 2019

This week's books and more, unfairly (or sometimes fairly) neglected, or simply those the reviewers below think you might find of some interest (or, infrequently, you should be warned away from); certainly, most weeks we have a few not at all forgotten titles...if I've missed your review or someone else's, please let me know in comments.
Hammett's early story "Arson Plus" gets some supplementary attention this for the asterisks***.

Terribly sorry for the delay in posting...a bad and busy week didn't let up on Friday morning. Todd Mason

Patricia Abbott: The Name of Game is Death by Dan J. Marlowe 

Stacy Alesi: The C List: Fiction Reviews 1983-2013 

Michael Davitt Bell: "The Passing of Sister Barrett" by Sarah Orne Jewett, Cosmopolitan, May 1892, edited by William Dean Howells

Brad Bigelow: As It Was in the Beginning by G. E. Trevelyan 

Les Blatt: Any Shape or Form by Elizabeth Daly; N or M? by Agatha Christie 

Joachim Boaz: A Wrinkle in the Skin (aka The Ragged Edge) by "John Christopher" (Christopher Youd) 

Ben Boulden: The Name of the Game is Death and One Endless Hour by Dan J. Marlowe

Brian Busby: Where to begin with Margaret Millar; "September Winds" by A. M. Stephen 

Bob Byrne: Holmes on the Range et seq. by Steve Hockensmith

Martin Edwards: The Innocent Mrs. Duff by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding 

Peter Enfantino: Atlas (proto-Marvel) horror comics, September 1952

Peter Enfantino and Jack Seabrook: DC war comics, August 1975

Will Errickson: Prime Evil edited by Douglas E. Winter 

José Ignacio Escribano: The Case of the Crumpled Knave by "Anthony Boucher" (William White); "Arson Plus" by Dashiell Hammett (as by "Peter Collinson"), The Black Mask, 1 October 1923, edited by George W. Sutton, Jr.* 

Curtis Evans: Dorothy Cole Meade...and her novels 

Olman Feelyus: The Spoilt Kill by Mary Kelly; The Powder Barrell by William Haggard 

John M. Floyd: The Sands of Kalahari by William Mulvihill

Paul Fraser: Galaxy Science Fiction, December 1951, edited by H. L. Gold  

Barry Gardner: Icewater Mansions by Doug Allyn

John Grant: New Year's Eve by Lisa Grunwald 

Aubrey Hamilton: Black Beadle by E. C. R. Lorac; The Defense by Steve Cavanagh 

Bev Hankins: The Holmes/Dracula File by Fred Saberhagen; And Hope to Die by Richard Powell; Unnatural Death by Dorothy L. Sayers 

Rich Horton: Energumen edited by Susan Wood and Mike Glicksohn; Rick Wilber stories; Dragon and Thief by Timothy Zahn; Sleeping Planet by William R. Burnett, Jr., Analog Science Fact-->Science Fiction, July, August & September 1964, edited by John W. Campbell, Jr.; Chris Willrich stories

Jerry House: Love Among the Ruins by Evelyn Waugh 

Kate Jackson: Groaning Spinney by Gladys Mitchell; Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks edited and annotated by John Curran; The Crimson in the Purple by Holly Roth; Cold Steal by Alice Tilton; CADS (Crime And Detective Stories), September 2019, edited and published by Geoff Bradley

Tracy K: Murder with Pictures by George Harmon Coxe; August reads 

Colman Keane: King Solomon's Carpet by "Barbara Vine" (Ruth Rendell) 

George Kelley: Marune: Alastor 933 by Jack Vance; A God in Chains by Matthew Hughes; Paperback Parade, August 2019, edited and published by Gary Lovisi; "The Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin"

Joe Kenney: To Kill a Snowman by Charles Miron; The Vigilante #5: Detroit: Dead End Delivery by "V. J. Santiago" (Robert Lory) 

Rob Kitchen: The Smoke by Tony Broadbent 

B. V. Lawson: A Dram of Poison by Charlotte Armstrong [Lewi] 

Xavier Lechard: Death is No Sportsman (among his works) by Cyril Hare 

Evan Lewis: Tom Corbett, Space Cadet comic strip panels scripted by Paul S. Newman and drawn by Ray Bailey 

Steve Lewis: Vintage Murder by Ngaio Marsh; Elephants in the Distance by Daniel StashowerDeath of a Citizen by Donald Hamilton; The Last Straw by Ione Sandberg Shriber 

Mike S. Lind: The Chalk Circle Man by "Fred Vargas" (Frédérique Audoin-Rouzeau)

*Steve Marcus: "Arson Plus" by Dashiell Hammett (as by "Peter Collinson")

Francis M. Nevins: Baynard Kendrick's works

Martin Quinn: A Cold, Red Sunrise by Stuart Kaminsky

John F. Norris: Case of the Cold Coquette by "Jonathan Craig" (Frank E. Smith)

John O'Neill: Cold Iron and Sister to the Rain by Melissa Michaels 

Matt Paust: Evergreen by Howard Owen 

James Reasoner: Gambling Man by Clifton Adams

L. J. Roberts: Louisiana Longshot by Jana DeLeon

Richard Robinson: Chicken Every Sunday by Rosemary Taylor (illustrated by Donald Mackay)

Sandra Ruttan: Broken Skin by Stuart MacBride

Gerard Saylor: How Not to Be Wrong by Jordan Ellenberg 

Steven H Silver: "The Woman Who Loved the Moon" by Elizabeth A. Lynn, Amazons!, edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson; "Enemy Mine" by Barry B. Longyear, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, September 1979, edited by George H. Scithers

Kevin Tipple: The Big Bad City by "Ed McBain" (Evan Hunter) 

"TomCat": The Rilloby Fair Mystery by Enid Blyton; The Murders Near Mapleton by Bryan Flynn 

Prashant Trikannad: The Ganesha Arati Book: Understanding Sukhakarta Dukhaharta edited by Chaitra Patel

Bill Wallace: Outside the Gates of Eden by Lewis Shiner

A. J. Wright: Thunder Mountain Review, Spring 1979, edited by Steven Ford Brown

*Terry Zobeck: "Arson Plus" by Dashiell Hammett (as by "Peter Collinson")


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