Tuesday, January 5, 2021

TAKE THIS HAMMER with James Baldwin, and Toni Morrison, Janet Flanner and "Ross Macdonald" and others on THE WRITER IN AMERICA, and producer/director/editor/interviewer Richard O. Moore

                         James Baldwin in Take This Hammer

THE WRITER IN AMERICA series producer/director/editor/interviewer Richard O. Moore:

mostly discussing his 1963 National Educational Television (NET) documentary 
TAKE THIS HAMMER (based on a tour of 1963 African-American San Francisco by James Baldwin);

broadcast cut: https://americanarchive.org/catalog/cpb-aacip-512-2r3nv9b09w  first aired on February 4th 1964.

Other episodes in the series IMDb is aware of:
Season 1: Janet Flanner
Robert Duncan (IMDb has the wrong copy attached to this record)
Season 3Wright Morris
Season 4: John Gardner
Ross Macdonald (misspelled at IMDb)
--see below and at bottom of post for links to archived video online.

Toni Morrison on The Writer in America (sadly, Google, as owner of Blogspot and YouTube, currently at least makes it difficult to embed any video not from, you guessed it, YouTube).

Janet Flanner on The Writer in America and five more episodes linked below/at bottom of post (so far...).

Millar/"Macdonald" and Welty

On Tue, Jan 5, 2021 Paul DiFilippo noted:

 Tiny URL:

Current direct YouTube link to the Macdonald episode (as with all these episodes as currently archived, damage to the source film or perhaps video distorts the Duke Ellington Orchestra score, alas): 

Further episodes of The Writer in America (courtesy Tony Baer):

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