Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Short Story Wednesdays: the links to the reviews: 15 March 2023

Frank Babics: The Hugo Winners (eventually retitled, Volume 1), annotated and introduced by Isaac Asimov

Joachim Boaz: Far Out by Damon Knight

Brian Busby: The Marathon Murder by James Moffatt

Jose Ignacio Escribano: Maigret's Christmas: Nine Stories by Georges Simenon (translated by Jean Stewart)

"Olman Feelyus": The Naked City by Stirling Silliphant

Paul Fraser: "Retention" by Alec Nevala-Lee, Analog, July-August 2020, edited by Trevor Quachri; "The Store of the Worlds" by Robert Sheckley, Playboy, September 1959, fiction editor Ray Russell

Aubrey Hamilton: Gideon and the Young Toughs and Other Stories by John Creasey

Bev Hankins: Blood on the Tracks edited by Martin Edwards

Rich Horton: Infinity Science Fiction, June 1956, edited by Larry Shaw; "Exiles' Grace" and "The Jazz Age" by Mark Tiedemann (Analog, March/April and November/December 2022, edited by Trevor Quachri)

Kate Jackson:  The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, new edition

Terrance E. Hanley: Anthony Rud, and "Ooze", the first cover story for Weird Tales magazine, March 1923, edited by Edwin Baird

Jerry House: "The Case of the Suspected Sweethearts" by "Della Street" (Erle Stanley Gardner? Irving Vendig?) Radio and Television Mirror, May 1950, edited by Doris McFerran; John D. MacDonald fiction in Cosmopolitan, et al.

Colman Keane: "The Long Drop" by Jake Hinkson, Beat to a Pulp: Superhero edited by David Cramner and Scott D. Parker, 2012

George Kelley: Lost Objects: 50 Stories About the Things We Miss and Why They Matter edited by Joshua Glenn and Rob Walker

B. V. Lawson: Murder at the Foul Line edited by Otto Penzler

Steve Lewis:  Astounding Science Fiction, September 1948, edited by John W. Campbell; Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, May 1967, edited by Frederic Dannay

Robert Lopresti:  "Kimchee Kitty" by Martin Limon, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, March/April 2023, edited by Linda Landrigan

Todd Mason: Women Should Be Allowed by Wilma Shore, among other work; Yesterday's Tomorrows edited by Frederik Pohl; Editors edited by Saul Bellow and Keith Botsford; some other Futurian editors (Larry Shaw, Robert Lowndes, Doris Baumgardt, Donald Wollheim, et al.)

John O'Neill: Supernatural Sleuths and Sci-Fi [sic] Private Eye, edited by Charles Waugh and M. H. Greenberg; Isaac Asimov's Detectives, edited by Sheila Williams and Gardner Dozois

James Reasoner: Startling Stories, November 1947, edited by Sam Merwin, Jr.; Range Riders Western, January 1948, ?edited by G. B. Farnum?

Jack Seabrook: "One of the Family" by James Yaffe, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, July 1943, edited by Frederic Dannay

Doris V. Sutherland: Body Shocks edited by Ellen Datlow

Kevin Tipple: Desert Heat, Desert Cold and Other Tales of the West by Charlie Steel

Kris Vyas-Myall: New Writings in SF 12, edited by John Carnell; Famous Science Fiction Fall 1967, Winter 1967/68 and Spring 1968, edited by Robert A. W. Lowndes

collected for 22 March at Patti Abbott's blog


Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks, Todd! I'm enjoying the new issue of AHMM very much--some very strong stories in there.

Todd Mason said...

You're quite welcome, Jack, and thanks for the heads-up on the AHMM...my most convenient bookstore/newsstand didn't have Any of the crime-fiction magazines on the racks at my last two visits...I assume they were still in the delivery boxes in the back...while having the fantastica and little magazines out already for similar sell-by dates. As a Limon fan, I would like a chance to read that story at very least.