Friday, June 21, 2024

Short Story Wednesday +: Links to the reviews and more: Juneteenth 2024

Patricia Abbott's regular weekly links

Ambrose Bierce: "A Baffled Ambuscade" and "Two Military Excursions"

Ben Boulden: Three Strikes--You're Dead!: 14 Great Sports Mysteries edited by Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman, and Marcia Talley; The Stark House Anthology edited by Rick Ollerman and Greg Shepard

Brad Bigelow: Knopf's "Borzoi puppies"

Bob Byrne: "The Mother of Invention" by Rex Stout, The Black Cat, August 1913, edited by Herman Umbstaetter

Eric Compton and Tom Simon/Paperback Warrior: "The Dead Remember" by Robert E. Howard, Argosy August 1936, edited by William Dewart

Samuel Delany and Gordon Van Gelder: Science Fiction and the Milford Conferences (discussion begins at ~6:20)

Scott Edelman: Elwin Colman and his collection Dance on Saturday

Martin Edwards on his new anthology, Lessons in Crime: Academic Mysteries

Elizabeth Foxwell: Turning the Tables: The Short Fiction of Helen Nielsen edited by Bill Kelly, Stark House Press 2024; Pulp Champagne: The Short Fiction of Lorenz Heller, Stark House 2024; The Killer Everyone Knew and Other Captain Leopold Stories by Edward D. Hoch, Stark House 2024, and more

Jerry House: "In the Heart of Fire" by Dean R. Koontz, Amazon Original Stories electronic chapbook, 2019

Kate Jackson: Bodies from the Library 2024 

George Kelley: Neither Man Nor Dog by Gerald Kersh; Logical Fantasy: The Many Worlds of John Wyndham by John Wyndham (John Benyon Harris), edited by David Date

Kate Laity: Muriel Spark

Steve Lewis: Bright New Universe by Jack Williamson

Robert Lopresti: "And Now, an Inspiring Story of Tragedy Overcome" by Joseph S. Walker, Three Strikes--You're Dead!: 14 Great Sports Mysteries edited by Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman, and Marcia Talley 

Todd Mason: Collecting Myself: The Uncollected Stories of Barry N. Malzberg by Barry N. Malzberg, edited by Robert Friedman & Greg Shepard; Cream of the Crop: Best Mystery & Suspense Stories of Bill Pronzini (both Stark House, 2024) [forthcoming, once I shake my current malady.]

Jeffrey Meyers: Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene (courtesy Paul DiFilippo)

J. Kingston Pierce: Bishop Rider Lives: An Anthology of Retribution, edited by Hector Acosta and Beau Johnson, among other summer books

John O'Neill: Ragged Maps: Stories by Ian R. MacCleod

James Reasoner: "Big Shots Die Young!" (the Manville Moon series) by Richard Deming, Black Mask, July 1940; "Rawhide Bound" by "Peter Howard Morland" (aka "Max Brand" and actually Frederick Faust), Street And Smith's Western Story Magazine, 23 April 1932

Judy Penz Sheluk: editing anthologies

Steven H. Silver: "The Butcher of Darkside Hover" by Jonathan Sean Lyster, Analog: Science Fiction and Fact, October 2022, edited by Trevor Quachri

William Stoddard: The Day's Work by Rudyard Kipling

Kevin Tipple: Mystery Magazine, June 2024, edited by Kerry Carter

"TomCat": "The Sweating Stone" by Edward D. Hoch

Henry Wessells: The influence of Moby Dick upon H. P. Lovecraft, among others.

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