Thursday, August 5, 2010

Early August "Forgotten" Music: the Pleasure Seekers

The largely Quatro-sister-populated band, including Suzi Quatro whose solo career peaked in the 1970s and Patti Quatro, who left the Pleasure Seekers and a few years later joined that other all-female band Fanny, flourished in Detroit in the mid to late 1960s, beginning to record in 1965.

Profile Page Link:

From the Quatro Sisters' MySpace page:

The Pleasure Seekers clealy named themselves for the 1964 film. Wikipedia notes that 'in 1968, they were the earliest all girl rock group to be signed to a major label, Mercury Records. They released a second single, "Light of Love" b/w "Good Kind of Hurt", with both singles charting.'

1990 reunion concert...doing a bit of a Motown medley (fuller video here):

Heatwave - The Pleasure Seekers

Derek | MySpace Video


C. Margery Kempe said...

Way cool stuff!

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Todd Mason said...

Michelle Yeoh, of course...Abbey Lincoln...Lucille Ball...atomic warfare...Robert Mitchum...Paolo Bacigalupi...Jon Benet Ramsey, the second-saddest citation so far...Gerald Kersh...Andy Warhol...Piers Anthony...M. Night Shyamalan...(the last two being artists of my very soul)...Paul Bartel...Norman Granz...

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