Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Music Club: jazz (and some jazz-pop) for winter

The Modern Jazz Quartet: "Skating in Central Park"

The Dave Brubeck Quatet: "Winter Ballad"

Winter Ballad (Album Versi
The Vince Guaraldi Trio: "Skating"

The Claude Thornhill Orchestra: "Snowfall"

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross: "Deck Us All with Boston Charlie"

The Benny Goodman Orchestra with Peggy Lee: "Winter Weather"

Magaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer: "Baby, It's Cold Outside"


Rick Robinson said...

I particularly enjoy that Goodman - Lee rendition of Winter Weather, I have it on a holiday disk.

Todd Mason said...

Who is the male vocalist, Richard? I haven't sought it out...and if it's any trouble, don't worry, I'll do so.

Todd Mason said...

Fellow Red (in choice of wines, at very least), the Shiraz Socialist, notes, at :

The male vocalist was Art Lund (aka London).

and later quotes Goodman:

In a 1946 interview, Goodman told Metronome magazine:

“To me all boy singers are bad, they’re not musicians. You can’t even take the best of them seriously. How often do you listen to a record just for the vocal, I know I never do. It’s just something you’ve got to do because the public wants it and if I have to have a boy singer with me it might as well be one the public likes. And they certainly seem to like Art. So more power to him.”

Yvette said...

Loved these, Todd. I was a big fan of the MJQ years ago and I guess I still am. My brother is too.

I also adored Peggy Lee. What a dame. :)

And who couldn't love Benny Goodman??

Rick Robinson said...

I think it's Ray somebody, but don't have it available right now.

Rick Robinson said...

Oh, I see you already looked it up.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, though, Rick. Yvette, as with too many artists, perhaps, it's easy to love Goodman's music...rather easy, apparently, to not have loved Goodman himself...glad you liked the small set here...