Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ovation cable channel's web series: TOUCHING THE ART - Episode 2 - "Postmodernism, Post-Net & the Art Market"...and, for the hell of it, LIFE IN THE ARTS episode "Suminagashi Japanese Paper Marbling"

Panelist Carol Cheh was a highschool-mate of mine.

And, from 1999, another highschool-mate, Rebecca Ramos, leads off this episode with instructions for paper-marbling. (I'm pretty sure Becca and I were the only members of the [Honolulu] Punahou Class of '82 born in Fairbanks, Alaska.)(Becca definitely has a Bob Ross-style purr down cold.) Ramos currently co-chair of the studio art department at Cabrillo College.

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