Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Music Club: some punk rock (one of the video images, below the opening images, is probably NSFW)

The Ex: "Ay, Carmela" 
(contrast the Weavers' "Venga Jaleo" and Lila Downs's "El Quinto Regimiento")

Jawbox: Peel Session 1994: "Static"; "Tongues"; "Chinese Fork Tie"; "Cooling Card"; "68"

Jawbox: Austin, Texas 9/94: "Tongues": "Motorist" (inspired by J. G. Ballard's Crash)

"Motorist" from the album For Your Own Special Sweetheart

The Adverts: "Gary Gilmore's Eyes"

X: "Surprise Surprise" (in concert at Farm Aid, 1986)

Autoclave: "Dr. Seuss"

Husker Du: "Could You Be the One" (most of it) after brief foolish Bryant Gumbel i/v on The Today Show

Spitboy: "Ultimate Violations" 

Crucial Youth: "Positive Dental Outlook"

Jello Biafra interviewed in France last year:


Kelly Robinson said...

A lot of stuff from my tortured youth. Enjoyed the trip.

Todd Mason said...

Ha! Most of this from my considerably less-tortured (than my youth) young adulthood...most of these folks are my generation (the Adverts and X perhaps ten or so years older, "Biafra" and the Ex and perhaps the Huskers a little less, the rest even closer to my cohort). As I noted to Bill Crider, who was posting nostalgic music posts from a half-century back (Beatles and such) at the same time Saturday, it struck me as odd how much of what I was putting up was twenty or almost thirty years old on balance (some twenty-five, the Adverts a bit more than thirty). Glad you liked it.