Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Whole Lot of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross (and LH & Bavan): Saturday Music Club

The two versions of the trio that were the greatest US exponents of jazz vocalese...the first episode of the third season of Fargo features their recording of "Moanin'" prominently...the first album stack features that recording, from LH&R's first CBS LP:

Jumping back a year or so, to their first album:

And a collection that includes the second album, from Pacific Jazz, The Swingers!, and other sessions:

And then their third album, with Joe Williams, Sing Along with Basie:

Live video tracks and fellow travelers:

The second album with CBS: LH&R Sing Ellington (and it continues to include the third CBS album High Flying, which begins with "Come on Home" and ends with "Mr. PC", and a few other tracks--which will follow, though you might have to hit the "Watch on YouTube" button when and if it pops up below):

The post-High Flying tracks are 
"This Here" aka "Dis Hyuh"
"Swingin' Till the Girls Come Home"
"Twist City"
"Just a Little Bit of Twist"
"A Night in Tunisia"
and an alternate take of "A Night in Tunisia"

The Real Ambassadors (with the Brubeck Trio, Carmen McRae and Louis Armstrong):

A Walt Kelly Xmas-Season last (I think) recording by the first trio:

Thanks to Jim Cameron for the reminder of this one...from

Ross leaves, and Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan go forward; 
Live At Newport '63:

LH&B's second album, Basin Street East:

And their third and last...they break up, and in 1966, Lambert killed by a truck while fixing someone's tire for them on a roadside:

Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan on Jazz Casual (NET/National Educational Television 1963)

And a stack of video recordings, led off by a 1975 Soundstage episode featuring Ross and Hendricks:

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