Thursday, April 6, 2017

Robert Bloch gallery: Andrew Porter and others: new links and content

Bloch uncredited. The issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries that first published Bloch's "The Man Who Collected Poe"--which inspired a Poe scholar to offer Bloch an unfinished Poe story fragment, which Bloch completed and offered to Fantastic, which published it, without cover credit to Bloch, as "The Lighthouse" Bloch's collection as "The Light-House"...
October 1951
January 1953

Robert Bloch receiving the first Howard Award for Life Achievement from Donald Wollheim; 
at the first World Fantasy Convention; photo by and copyright Andrew Porter

Bloch and a skulking David Schow

Bloch presents File 770's Mike Glyer with a Hugo Award; photo by and copyright Andrew Porter

Robert Bloch, Fern Tucker, Jean Grennell, Wilson Tucker at Bloch's house.
1954 photo by Dean Grennell; from Science Fiction Five-Yearly

Robert Bloch and masquerade veteran Marji Ellers, 1954 convention
Photo apparently by Forrest J. Ackerman; courtesy Andy Porter

A Thriller a Day the blog dealing with all the episodes of Thriller, the series David Schow calls the closest thing to Weird Tales on tv we've had...
Jack Seabrook's reviews and analysis of Bloch's work on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 
From "A Home Away from Home": not one of John's favorites, but also adapted for the film Asylum


Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks for the plug, Todd. That was very thoughtful of you.

Todd Mason said...

Not at all, Jack, and as I note, overdue in this context.