Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Newish Sounds in Third Stream* and Related Music: [*Jazz and Classical Traditions]: Saturday Music Club on Tuesday

Camila Meza and the Nectar Orchestra: 

This concert was recorded on March 26th, 2019 at a private loft in Brooklyn, N.Y. SET LIST 0:10 - "Kallfu" 6:01 - "All Your Colors" 12:23 - "Milagres Dos Peixes" 18:41 - "Olha Maria" 24:24 - "This Is Not America" 30:01 - "Ámbar" MUSICIANS Camila Meza (guitar, voice) Eden Ladin (keyboard, piano) Noam Weisenberg (bass) Keita Ogawa (drums, percussion) Ludovica Burtone (violin) Tomoko Omura (violin) Leonor Falcon (viola) Brian Sanders (cello)

Catharsis: "Sister"; "Gallop"; "Zone"

Beast: "Satan"

Matthew Shipp, Mat Maneri, & Michael Bisio: Exploring and Performing Third Stream Music, Pt. 1

Laura Jurd Ensemble: Stepping Back, Jumping In

BandCamp page for the album--free access to selected tracks

Dinosaur: rooftop concert in Holland

"Shine Your Light" "Forgive, Forget" "Old Times’ Sake" "Swimming"
All compositions by Laura Jurd. Laura Jurd – trumpet, synthesizer, Elliot Galvin – synthesizers, Conor Chaplin – bass; Corrie Dick – drums

Maureen Choi Quartet: "Ida y Vuelta"

Maria Schneider and Ensemble Denada at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 13 July 2018

And a ringer:
George Russell and the Big Bang Band of 1967

1: from The New York, New York suite: "Manhattan Rico" 2: (10:19:07:00): "Oh, Jazz"
Poster of the video notes: "from 29:00 the audio has disappeared, no thanks to a certain tube." Here's the missing audio/replacement footage:
George Russell, conductor, piano
Woodwinds: Christer Boustedt, Claes Rosendahl, Bernt Rosengren, Jan Garbarek Trombone: Rune Ericsson, George Bernard, Folke Rabe Trumpets: Lasse Samuelsson, Rolf Ericsson, Bertil Lövgren, Muvaffak "Maffy" Falay Congas:
Rupert Clemendore Rhythm: Carl-Axel Dominique, piano Rune Gustafsson, guitar Palle Danielsson, bass Jon Christensen, drums

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