Saturday, September 24, 2022

Saturday Music Club: The Zombies

 The first album: Begin Here (1965)

Danger Man, season 3, episode 3, "Sting in the Tail" (1965): soundtrack features Jeanne Roland singing the French adaptation of "She's Not There", "Te voila", in background and occasionally foreground (since the time cuts are weirdly resistant to being saved--when they don't insert themselves--on Blogspot, at 17:00 is a good point to start the relevant performance; a bit of it used in reprise at end of [a very good] episode):

Bunny Lake is Missing trailer: "Come on Time"
(repurposed "Just Out of Reach")

The Zombies on a pub tv: "Just Out of Reach" and "Nothing's Changed"

Track Listing: Tell Her No Leave Me Be You Make Me Feel Good Just Out Of Reach Indication Nothing's Changed Whenever You're Ready I Love You Is This a Dream? How We Were Before She's Coming Home Remember You Don't Go Away I Want You Back Again

The Zombies (1966; released in Japan and Europe)
Track Listing: 1) The Way I Feel Inside 2) How We Were Before 3) Is This The Dream 4) Whenever You're Ready 5) Woman 6) You Make Me Feel Good 7) Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself 8) Indication 9) Don't Go Away 10) I Love You 11) Leave Me Be 12) She's Not There

The Zombies at the Strand Bookstore, 15 March 2017

later records:

R.I.P. reconstruction

Below, compilation of songs from the album Into The After Life, and The Lost Album 00:00:00 Never My Love 00:02:39 I Know She Will 00:05:27 Smokey Day 00:07:52 Unhappy Girl 00:10:19 I'll Keep Trying 00:12:47 Conversation Off Floral Street 00:15:25 Walking in the Sun 00:18:10 If It Don't Work Out 00:20:42 Sometimes (Acid) 00:22:13 Telescope (Mr Galileo) 00:24:54 Girl Help Me 00:27:19 I Could Spend the Day 00:29:59 Imagine the Swan

The BBC Radio Sessions (2016 compilation)

Still Got That Hunger (2015)

The Zombies in 2015:

"Ma Non E Giusto" ("She's Not There" in Italian)


Charlie Ricci said...

The Zombies don't get enough credit or coverage. Thanks for highlighting them on your Saturday Music Club.

Todd Mason said...

You're quite welcome, Charlie, and thanks for looking in...they were one of the best bands in the '60s, and certainly didn't get their due at that time, even when, say, John Lennon might cite them as his favorite UK band. Not every song is brilliant--I've never thought much of "Tell Her No"--but they were at least as much a bundle of creative energy as any of their peers. The band Argent and other subsequent projects didn't match them.

Anonymous said...

Anything with Patrick McGhoohan and I’m there!

Jack Seabrook said...

That last comment was mine--my phone lists me as Anonymous.

Todd Mason said...

Good to know, Jack! Thanks. (Though I appreciate positive/non-spam Anon. comments, knowing whom they're from is Even Better.)

Some McGoohan productions better than others but the hourlong episodes of DANGER MAN/SECRET AGENCY GUY (as they weren't quite known in the US, but that's how I like to sing the US theme song, which was clearly originally written to be called/include the lyric "Danger Man" but cleverly copes with the longer title) averaged rather impressive, I'd say. Beware of US broadcasts of "It's Up to the Lady" that trim off the devastating ending.

Jack Seabrook said...

I watched the Danger Man 1/2 hour DVDs and thought they were very good. I haven't watched Secret Agent in decades but should put it on my list. I fear I might not like The Prisoner as much as I did as a teenager if I were to see it today, so I'm wary of re-watching it. I really love McGhoohan in anything. His Columbo episodes are great. I also liked Rafferty when it first aired.

Todd Mason said...

Even as a kid, some episodes of THE PRISONER couldn't hold a candle to the best ones..."Hammer into Anvil" always struck me as very weak, for example. And the fanzine/DIY culture review-magazine FACTSHEET FIVE had a running column, "Why Publish?", that I was happy to contribute to, and the funniest of the column-headers was a cartoon of No.s 6 and 2 having just had their over-emphatic monosyllabic argument: "Why?!?" "Why!"

While various hourlong episodes of DANGER MAN aka SECRET AGENT were excellent runs-up to THE PRISONER, aside from "It's Up to the Lady", or the Potemkin village episode. The two color episodes of DANGER MAN afterward, which I've seen decades ago as edited together as KOROSHI, definitely showed McGoohan tired of the business, but they're worth seeing once, at least.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

At least none of these albums contain their awful cover of Got My Mojo Working. The Yardbirds or The Animals they were not.

Todd Mason said...

No, Steve, for such a good jazz-rock band (among other things), a convincing blues cover band they were not. But, perhaps alas, BEGIN HERE does wrap up with their cover of "Mojo", which I find more endearing than not (and more so than "Tell Her No").