Friday, November 4, 2022

Saturday Music Club: "I Need You"

 The Kinks:

The Who: 

The Beatles: 

The Impressions:

Elmore James:

Jon Batiste:

Eric Legnini and the Afro Jazz Beat featuring Krystle Warren: 


Jelly Roll:

Lynyrd Skynyrd:

The Ascots (covering the Kinks):


Todd Mason said...

From online liner notes: I Need You 2'24
(Keith Moon) TRO-Essex Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
Recorded at Pye Studios, Oct. 4, 1966.
[Harpsichord: John Entwistle]
This was Keith's first ever composition for The Who, and one of very few he contributed to their catalogue. The reason why all four members of the group contributed songs to this album was that co-manager Chris Stamp had negotiated a deal whereby the song publishers, Essex Music, would advance £500 to each member, a considerable sum in 1966. Roger bought a Volvo 'Saint' car. [Prior to the album's release Keith told Keith Altham the title of this song was "I Need You (Like I Need A Hole In The Head)". The middle-break, according to Keith, represented "solely a musical illustration of a transport cafe." He also denied that one of the voices here was a parody of John Lennon but John Entwistle later claimed it was. John said Keith thought the Beatles used a secret language to talk behind his back and chose this song to go after them. The stereo version was released in the U.S., Japan and Europe]

Charlie Ricci said...

"I need you" to post more articles like this one. Love the Jon Batiste track!