Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Camilla and Robert Mason's auto-racing trophy plaques (removed from the trophies and mounted by RM)

 In the mid-1960s, my parents, particularly my father, participated in sports car races in the Fairbanks, Alaska, area, and collected a number of trophies (some lost in various catastrophes and milder misadventures over the years), till sometime in the early '90s, he noted that the glue holding the plaques to some of the trophies was giving way, and also, as he heard from my mother, that the trophy collection was an annoyance to dust (the little statuary representing sports cars was nicely rounded, but much of the bodies of the trophies were given to modish spikery). So he pulled the surviving plaques off the trophies that still had some adhesive quality to them, along with the "fallen" ones, and created this panel-tribute to their auto-racing years. (They seemed to prize their bowling trophies less readily, or perhaps he simply never got around to doing the same with those...or, given that there were a Lot more bowling trophies distributed in the '60s and early '70s, their league years, perhaps those, on balance, were better-built.)

Photos by Alice Chang and Todd Mason, using cameras and lighting of different qualities!

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