Friday, June 30, 2023

FRIDAY'S "FORGOTTEN" BOOKS And More: the links to the reviews, etc.: 30 June 2023

Includes 28 June Short Story Wednesday items

Patricia Abbott: Vanished by Mary McGarry Morris; "The Puzzle Master" by David Morrell, Playing Games, edited by Lawrence Block

Brad Bigelow: The Pole and the Whistle by George Moor; "June 30" by Gustav Sandgren, from 365 Days edited by Kay Boyle, Laurence Vail, and Nina Conarain

"Joaquin Boaz": "Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Your Crisis" by Kate Wilhelm, Orbit 18 edited by Damon Knight; "The Empathy Machine" by Langdon Jones, Science Fantasy, January-February 1965, edited by Kyril Bonfiglioli

Robert E. Briney: In Re: Sherlock Holmes: The Adventures of Solar Pons by August Derleth

Brian Busby: The Tempestuous Petticoat (aka A Chicago Princess) by Robert Barr

William Denton: the first sixteen Parker novels by "Richard Stark" (Donald Westlake)

Martin Edwards: The Missing Moneylender by W. Stanley Sykes

Jose Ignacio Escribano: Death of a Nobody (originally On ne tue pas les pauvres types) by Georges Simenon, translated by Jean Stewart

"Olman Feelyus": Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith

Esther Friesner: writing the Twelve Kingdoms novels

Aubrey Hamilton: The Bohemian Connection by Susan Dunlap

Rich Horton: O Pioneers! by Willa Cather

Jerry House: I, Libertine by "Frederick R. Ewing" (Theodore Sturgeon and Betty Ballantine, from an outline by Jean Shepherd); Murder is My Business, Vengeance is Hers and Private Eyes edited by Max Allan Collins and Mickey Spillane  (Bill Crider et al. briefly on I, Libertine)

Kate Jackson: Dishonoured Bones by John Trench; Death in a Million Living Rooms by Patricia McGerr

Tracy K: The Optimist's Daughter by Eudora Welty

Karen/Kaggsy: The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Italo Calvino (translated by William Weaver)

Colman Keane: The Hawk is Dying by Harry Crews

George Kelley: The Fifth Grave by Jonathan Latimer (unexpurgated; aka Solomon's Vineyard); The Reel Stuff edited by Brian Thomsen and Martin H. Greenberg

Joe Kenney: Call Me a Cab (the novel) by Donald E. Westlake (the novelet version, with a novella by Jody Scott, "Down Will Come Baby", reviewed by TM in 2009)

K. A. Laity: The Singing Sands by "Josephine Tey" (Elizabeth Mackintosh); Surreal Spaces: The Life and Art of Leonora Carrington by Joanna Moorhead

B. V. Lawson: Gideon's Fire by John Creasey

Xavier Lechard: "The Slave" by Henry Slesar, 1970 in an MD Publication magazine, reprinted in Alfred Hitchcock's Anthology #8, Spring/Summer 1981, edited by Eleanor Sullivan, and issued in hardcover by the Dial Press as Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make Your Teeth Chatter (and under that title reprinted in the UK in at least two editions)

Steve Lewis: Port Angelique by Richard Jessup

Todd Mason: The Annotated Facsimile of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1965, edited by Edward Ferman (with an introduction by Ferman and memoirs by most of the contributors to the issue, edited by Ferman and Martin H. Greenberg); Robert Silverberg: "And the Moon Be Still as Cheddar" (a Ray Bradbury parody); Harlan Ellison: "Cherchez le Message", from Grue, March 1955, edited and published by Dean Grennell

Will Murray: "The Diamond Wager Caper" by Samuel Dashiell (and Not by Dashiell Hammett), Detective Fiction Weekly, 19 October 1929 

Neeru: Who Rides a Tiger by Marie Belloc Lowndes; Fatal Friday by Frances Girard

John O'Neill: The Gate of Ivory trilogy by Doris Egan

Mildred Perkins: A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent by Marie Brennan

Lev Raphael: Marrow and Bone by Walter Kempowski, translated by Charlotte Collins

James Reasoner: The Art of Ron Lesser, Volume One: Deadly Dames and Sexy Sirens, edited by Robert Deis, Bill Cunningham and J. Kingston Pierce; 13 French Street by Gil Brewer

Steve Scott: Kurt Vonnegut on John D. MacDonald

Jack Seabrook: "The Dark Passage" by L. B. Gordon, John Creasey's Mystery Magazine, July 1959, edited by Creasey; "The Five-Forty-Eight" by John Cheever, The New Yorker, 10 April 1954, edited by William Shawn; both adapted for Alfred Hitchcock Presents: by Charlotte Armstrong

Victoria Silverwolf: Fantastic, March 1968, edited by Harry Harrison

Kerrie Smith: Absent in the Spring by Agatha Christie (as by Marie Westmacott)

William Swanson: Paris Trout by Pete Dexter

Justin Taylor: The Collected Works of Charles Portis (still missing this story)

Kevin Tipple: Bad Men by Graham Powell

David Vineyard: Ultra Spectrum by "Vargo Statten" (John Russell Fearn)

Bill Wallace: The Daylight Gate and Frankisstein by Jeanette Winterson

Supplemental: from 2021:


Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks for the links!

Todd Mason said...

Thanks for doing the posts involved!

Neeru said...

Thanks for the hard work,Todd.

Todd Mason said...

Thank you, Neeru.

TracyK said...

I always enjoy checking out these links, Todd. Today I especially enjoyed the review of Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith at Olman's Fifty. I have a copy of that book (sadly in tiny print) and it was good to see his view of it. I think I will have to get a Kindle edition.

Todd Mason said...

Glad you are enjoying the links, yourself, Coleman is one who blogs about an interesting array of books and I hope some people who wouldn't otherwise see his reviews are getting the opportunity. I break out my reading glasses for the "economical" editions...but I'm really good at misplacing those...

Kelly Robinson said...

I thought I did what needed to be done by letting you know I had a post, but looks like it's not here. What is the precise protocol for alerting you that I have something for FFB, so I can at least get in on the next one?

Excited to read up on everyone else's posts!

Todd Mason said...

Kelly, you did...and it was included in the previous list!