Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Forgotten Books: the links

A fiction-magazine-heavy set today, and for once not just because of me...if I've missed yours, or someone else's, "forgotten" book for today, please let me know in comments, below...and thanks, to all of you who read these and to all who contribute. Patti Abbott is scheduled to desist popping culture and pick up hosting the links again, next week.

Sergio Angelini: Eighty Million Eyes by "Ed McBain"

Joe Barone: The Dance of the Seagull by Andrea Camilleri (translated by Stephen Sartarelli)

Les Blatt: The Case of the Gilded Fly by Edmund Crispin

Brian Busby: Why Shoot the Teacher by Max Braithwaite (as "condensed," and compared to original text)

By Cyrl Kornbluth writing as Jordan Park
Bill Crider: Overkill by Norman Daniels

Scott Cupp: The Hour of the Dragon by Robert E. Howard

William F. Deeck: Death Traps by Kay Cleaver Strahan

Martin Edwards: The Cask by Freeman Wills Crofts

Curt Evans: Murder Ends the Song by Alfred Meyers

Ed Gorman: The Dead Beat by Robert Bloch

Gerard Saylor: Bad Debts by Peter Temple

Josef Hoffman: The Man of Cold Rages, Sorority House, and The Naked Storm by C. M. Kornbluth

Jerry House: Dogs, Devils and Demons: Lore and Legend of the Dog by Louis L. Vine;  Christmas with Mother Goose by Walt Kelly

Randy Johnson: Dolls are Murder edited by Harold Q. Masur

Nick Jones: My Enemy's Enemy by Kingsley Amis; The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1961 (UK edition) edited by Robert P. Mills

George Kelley: [Doc Savage (and King Kong):] Skull Island by Will Murray; three novels by John Welcome: Run for Cover; Stop at Nothing; Go for Broke

B.V. Lawson: Four and Twenty Bloodhounds edited by Anthony Boucher

Evan Lewis: Yellowleg by A. S. Fleischman

Todd Mason: March 1965: Fantastic: Stories of Imagination edited by Cele G. Lalli; the Magazine of Horror edited by Robert A. W. Lowndes; The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction edited by Edward Ferman; Science Fantasy edited by Kyril Bonfiglioli; and Gamma edited by Charles Fritch and Jack Matcha

Gloria Maxwell: The Perfect Murder by H.R.F. Keating

John F. Norris: The Starkenden Quest by Gilbert Collins (and Famous Fantastic Mysteries, October 1949, edited by Mary Gnaedinger); Murder in Blue by Clifford Witting

Juri Nummelin: The Courier by Stanley Morgan

Patrick Ohl: Six Shooter Showdown by William Colt Macdonald

James Reasoner: Monsters: A Celebration of the Classics from Universal Studios by Roy Milano, et al.

Karyn Reeves: Famous Trials 7: Oscar Wilde by H. Montgomery Hyde

Richard Robinson: The Chinese Parrot by Earl Derr Biggers

Ron Scheer: Out of the Depths: A Romance of Reclamation by Robert Ames Bennet

Michael Slind: He Who Whispers by John Dickson Carr

Kerrie Smith: Poison in the Pen by Patricia Wentworth

Dan Stumpf: The House of the Seven Flies by Victor Canning

"TomCat": Beyond the Grave by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini and other "crossover" novels

Yvette Banek: The Roman Hat Mystery by "Ellery Queen"

"Zybahn": Re-Vamp edited by Die Booth and L. C. Hu


Gerard said...

Here's one that was recommended off a FFB post a couple weeks ago.

Bad Debts by Peter Temple.

Jerry House said...

Mine is up, Todd: Dogs, Devils & Demons by Louis Vine.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, guys! Sorry I didn't check your blogs in advance.

Richard R. said...

Todd, I sent Patti my link yesterday... rats. Here you go.


Todd Mason said...

No problem! Thanks.

Yvette said...

I've got one this week, Todd. :)

BV Lawson said...

Hey, Todd! I posted a reply for you on my blog. It's possible Typepad is having some problems...

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Yvette...another I should've checked!

Beverly, did seem odd.

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Thanks Todd - and have a great Easter.

Todd Mason said...

Likewise, Sergio, particularly if you celebrate (western) Easter! Thank you.

J F Norris said...

Vielen Dank for the featured illustration, Todd. Appreciate you listing two of my posts, also.

J F Norris said...

Oh, the owner/writer at "Only Detect" blog is MICHAEL Slind, not Robert, BTW.

Todd Mason said...

People will take what names they are assigned at Sweet Freedom...David!

Thanks. It's been a harried day.

Todd Mason said...

And that was a good, if utterly in keeping, cover for FFM...thanks for bringing it out!