Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Music Club: let's dance...

Music to which I have public. This is saying something. 

The Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble (an augmented Jazz Messengers): Oscalypso

Angelique Kidjo: We We

The Rolling Stones: Around & Around

The Bus Boys: American Worker

The Zombies: What More Can I Do?

Jawbox: Peel Session 1994

The complete session recorded by Jawbox on 15 May 1994 for The John Peel Show on BBC Radio 1 and broadcast on 1 July 1994.

Tracklist (songs begin at:):
1. Static (0:07)
2. Tongues (4:17)
3. Chinese Fork Tie (8:15)
4. Cooling Card (10:53)
5. 68 (13:39)

Hüsker Dü: Eight Miles High

The Dillards: Old Man at the Mill

A slower but fine Sam Bush Band reading.

Tito Puente, Dizzy Gillespie, et al.: Oye como va

Mingus Band: Hora Decubitus


Jerry House said...

Music you have danced to. Sans stripper pole, I presume?

Todd Mason said...

Never presume, Jerry! However, my dancing is best accomplished with as few stationary objects nearby as possible...