Thursday, May 30, 2013

May's Underappreciated Music: the links

Shovels and Rope: "Birmingham"

Patti Abbott: Tuesday Night Music; Movie Themes; Saturday Night Music

Brian Arnold: MTV: the heroic years; James Ray (and George Harrison): "I've Got My Mind Set on You"

Sean Coleman: Rush: Grace Under Pressure

Bill Crider: Johnny Ace;  Song of the Day

Lee Hartsfeld: Ferde Grofé conducting his Aviation Suite (1944); Memorial Day

Jerry House: Freddy Cannon; Hymn Time

Randy Johnson: Seether; Shinedown

The Johnny Otis Show featuring Roy Buchanan and Shuggie Otis

George Kelley: Shuggie Otis: Inspiration Information/Wings of Love

Kate Laity: "David Bowie is Making Contact"

Blackburn and Snow: "Stranger in a Strange Land"

Todd Mason: Songs of/for My Parents; Not Quite Sweet;  "alternate" surf; more folk rock; Freedom Suites; rock albums: Summer 1966; Memorial Day with Toshiko Akiyoshi, the Who, the Andrews Sisters and Vera Lynn

Richard Pangburn: Cormac McCarthy: Collateral

Lawrence Person: Shoegazer Sunday

James Reasoner: Music I Like

Charlie Ricci: Craig Doerge (1973 eponymous album...with Judy Henske, Ray Brown and Harry "Sweets" Edison)

Ron Scheer: Saturday Music

Leah Kunkel (with Craig Doerge): "Don't Leave These Goodbyes"


Phillyradiogeek said...

Thanks for including my MTV post, Todd.

Coincidentally, I wrote a draft of a post a few days ago for Underappreciated Music already! It's up now. Enjoy!

Todd Mason said...

Thanks. The gospel-style choir makes for an interesting contrast with the lyrical content.