Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saturday Music Club on Sunday: Modern Sounds in Contemporary Surf Music (in High Fidelity)

The Bikini Lovers: No, No, No

The Continentals: Thunderbird

Hawaiian Samurai: Surf'N'Destroy

Morgus & the Daringers: Morgus Creep

The Go-Go's: Surfing and Spying

The Neptunas: The Shape of Things to Come

The Neptunas: Pipleline

The Crickettes: Hawaii Five-O

Junior Brown Band: Surf Medley


Rick Robinson said...

Hawaii Samuari were listening to a lot of Dick Dale. That Go-Gos song is new to me, but I mostly listened to greatest hits and their first album. That's a pretty lame version of "Pipeline", I prefer the one by the Chantays. Junior Brown's guitar is bizzare.

Enjoyed the post.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks! I like the roughness of the "Pipeline"...the band was clearly pretty new at the time (I am amused that they quote "My Sharona," that terrible song, at the beginning).

Todd Mason said...

And Everyone listened to Dick Dale (and Chuck Berry).