Monday, July 29, 2013

Paul Desmond on CBC-TV, 1976; GLAD TO BE UNHAPPY the album

Takes the interlocutors two minutes of bibble to get to the Desmond interview. Recorded not long before his death in 1977.

1963 album: Glad to Be Unhappy
Desmond, alto sax; Jim Hall, guitar; Gene Wright, bass (long-term Toshiko Akiyoshi and, later, Frank Sinatra bassist Gene Cherico subs on "Poor Butterfly"); Connie Kay, drums. One of several Desmond/Hall albums, and the DBQ bassist and MJQ percussionist making for an excellent rhythm section.

Track Listing 

01 - Glad To Be Unhappy 00:00
02 - Poor Butterfly 05:47 
03 - Stranger In Town 13:07
04 - A Taste Of Honey 19:35
05 - Any Other Time 24:05
06 - Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo 29:30 
07 - Angel Eyes 34:15 
08 - By the River Sainte Marie 40:38 
09 - All Across The City 46:55
10 - All Through The Night 51:30


Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Great to see this as I'm a huge fan (and of Brubeck too) - thanks todd.

Todd Mason said...

Yeah, I am, as well, as you might gather (I hope you've heard, here or elsewhere, the interview Desmond did with Charlie Parker, those monsters of the alto). And GLAD, at least, is wildly out of print in the US, with even the used copies going for Way too much, so, even though it isn't the best Desmond/Hall album, it's nice to have some access to it. Thank you, Sergio...

Rick Robinson said...

Really nice. I like Desmond's stuff a lot and have some on CD, though not this one. No, he won't bend your mind with innovation and reach, but it's so mellow and integrated a sound.

Todd Mason said...

Actually, his innovations were pretty solid, and he's one of the least hidebound of improvisors...I haven't heard him play the same solo on different recordings so far. He and Parker really were the brackets for what you could do on alto in the '50s...Desmond extending what Lester Young had done on tenor, most obviously. I will say that in most of the sessions as a "leader," he doesn't challenge himself as much as he does as a band member or "sideman"...