Thursday, June 19, 2014

Horace Silver, 1928-2014

in 1989

Let’s Get to the Nitty Gritty : The Autobiography of Horace Silver (1986)

Horace Silver: Jazz Times; Downbeat

Horace Silver Quintet: "Song for My Father"'ve almost certainly heard a snatch of this one of late, between the holiday and Silver's passing yesterday.

The Jazz Messengers (essentially, in first form): A Night at Birdland, Volume 1

Horace Silver Quintet: "Nobody Knows" (from The United States of Mind)

Horace Silver Quintet: "The Gods of Yoruba," Part 1

Part 2

Horace Silver Quintet and Elvin Jones Trio: Jazz After Midnight (1968)


Rick Robinson said...

Great talent. I have many of his albums, enjoy them fairly often. I downloaded Tokyo Blues just a couple of weeks ago so I could listen while out walking.

Jim C. said...

So long, Horace, a giant of American music both as a pianist (often underestimated) and composer. Some other great ones besides Song for My Father and the others you've posted: Silver's Blue, Sister Sadie, Filthy McNasty, The African Queen, Too Much Sake, and on and on.

Todd Mason said...

Famously a nice guy as well as (much like Art Blakey) a mentor to younger jazz musicians.

Rick Robinson said...

Just recalled, I saw him once - maybe twice - at the Playboy Jazz Festival, back in the day. It was a quartet, but I don't remember who he was with.

Rick Robinson said...

No, make that a quintet.