Thursday, June 5, 2014

two videos from US public broadcast: excerpt: "Rasa Dari Tari/The Soul of Dance: Contemporary Dance in Indonesia" (syndicated beginning in June by NETA) and the entirety of CITY NEWS, originally broadcast in 1984 as part of PBS's anthology series AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE

 Rasa Dari Tari/The Soul of Dance: Contemporary Dance in Indonesia (excerpt)

The longest excerpt, at the end, is of Rizki Suharlin Putri performing Yola Yulfianti’s Update Status.

I hadn't seen City News since the mid-1980s, when it was new and I was rather newer than I am now, until watching it again yesterday morning; it's a work with rough edges and concessions to a low budget, but I think it holds up OK as an example of indy cinema of its time, with some nice witty bits mixed into the dialog and narration (and, geek alert, a gratuitous citation of SCTV character Jerry Todd treated as if he was a Rex Reed-style film reviewer). Sad how many PBS productions have fallen into holes after their broadcast, due to a variety of copyright and other concerns...the Kurt Vonnegut adaptation-melange, Between Time and Timbuktu, featuring some amusing improvisation by Bob and Ray (KV was a fan) is incompletely up in pieces on YouTube, though apparently pretty easy to find on the gray market.

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