Monday, March 23, 2015

Saturday Music Club on Monday: some rather funny songs

Maggie and Terre Roche (featuring the Oak Ridge Boys): "If You Emptied Out All Your Pockets You Could Not Make the Change"

Karen Kilgariff: "Couldn't Love You More"

Tom Smothers: "Mediocre Fred"

Fairport Convention: "Million Dollar Bash"

The Kinks: "Wicked Annabella"

Utopia: "Everybody Else is Wrong"

The Damned: "Grimly Fiendish"

Trusty: "Goodbye, Dr. Fate"

The Virgin-Whore Complex: "The Coldest Night of the Year"

Annie Ross: "Twisted"; Lambert, Hendricks & Ross with Williams: "Every Day I Have the Blues"

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