Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday Music Club on Sunday: revisitation

Womyn of Destruction: "If I Knew You Were Comin'"

Jawbox: "Static"

Autoclave: "Dr. Seuss"

FLiP: "Kagome, Kagome"

Fanny: "Blind Alley"

The All Mighty Senators: "Mary Mack"

Light in Babylon: "Hinech Yafa"

J. Robbins, Brooks Harlan & Gordon Withers: "Static"

L7: "Pretend We're Dead" (live and eventually NSFW)


Charlie Ricci said...

OH WOW! I love Fanny! I have the vinyl album with "Blind Alley" on it. Great song. Thanks.

Todd Mason said...

I pretty much at least strongly like all these bands, though I've heard only a few each from Light in Babylon and the All Mighty Senators (who went through some lineup changes over their apparently pretty quick run...this track seems more go-go influenced than some of their more "purely" punk/ska fusion earlier). Pity so little of WOD/Estrojet seems to be around, but they are the only all-woman punk band with accordianist you can see on an episode of HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET--one of the cops and the accordianist are dating, no less.