Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Music Club: some trumpet and flugelhorn jazz

The Frankie Trumbauer Orchestra featuring Bix Beiderbecke: "Singin' the Blues"

Louis Armstrong and the Mills Bros.: "My Walking Stick"

The Duke Ellington Orchestra featuring Cat Anderson, Shorty Baker, Ray Nance and Clark Terry: "El Gato"

The Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra: "Birks Works"

The Art Farmer/Jim Hall Quartet: "Sometime Ago"

Lee Morgan:  "Midtown Blues"

Carmell Jones: "I'm Gonna Go Fishin'"

Blue Note stars featuring Freddie Hubbard: "Cantaloupe Island"


Rick Robinson said...

Lots of really nice stuff here, Todd. Thanks!

Todd Mason said...

Thanks! I agree (one might hope!), though there's no lack of the missing, from King Oliver through Clifford Brown and on through Donald Byrd to Lester Bowie and the younger players...but that's what sequel posts are for...

Jim C. said...

A great lineup! You don't hear much about Art farmer these days. I think the Clifford Brown-Lee Morgan-Freddie Hubbard-Woody Shaw lineage, as great as it is, sometimes distracts listeners from guys like Art. Carmell Jones never seemed to get the credit he deserved. Fishin' is one of my favorites.

Todd Mason said...

To say nothing of all the oxygen in any given room being sucked up to continue sucking up to Davis as somehow The Only Trumpeter Who Matters, as in a world of No. Jones really was remarkably underappreciated...and Farmer is more so today than he was then, I think, and I'm not sure why, except indeed perhaps for not being a hard bop lion.