Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: the links to the reviews, interviews and more...

Meshes of the Afternoon

The selections (reviews, interviews and citations at the links below) of undeservedly (and a few deservedly) under-appreciated audio/visual experiences...for the first week of October, we are in Hallowe'en Country, and running up to Bouchercon...as well as having two citations of The Red Shoes and three of Night of the Eagle. As always, thanks to all the contributors and you readers...

Allan Fish: Hard to be a God

Anne Billson: Top Ten Plaster Cast Movies

Anonymous: Frances Ha; Once Upon a Time in the West; Nebraska; The Apartment

Bill Crider: The Mexican [trailer]; Annie Oakley on film, 1894; Bouchercon

Brian Arnold: The Crawling Hand; Halloween Safety; Halloween commercials

B. V. Lawson: Media Murder; Mystery Melange

BNoirDetour: Phone Call from a Stranger

Colin: Sands of the Kalahari

Comedy Film Nerds: Dave Foley, Suzy Nakamura, Tina Imahara, Doug Benson: LA PodFest

Cynthia Fuchs: Freeheld; Body of War

Dan Stumpf: Cat Girl

David Vineyard: The Canary Murder CasePhilo Vance: "La canarina assassinata" (Italian television)

Dorian Bartilucci: Gunga Din (1939 film)

Elgin Bleeker: The Killers (1946 film)

Elizabeth Foxwell: Pacific Blackout

Evan Lewis: Fallen Angels: "Red Wind"

Gary Deane: Retour de Manivelle (aka There's Always a Price Tag)

George Kelley: Newsies (2015 stage)

Gilligan Newton-John: Frankenstein General Hospital; The Horror of Frankenstein

Iba Dawson: Fright Fest

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: The Ghost Busters (CBS-TV 1975)

Jackie Kashian: Grease Sing-Along; Danielle Radford on good-bad movies and pro wrasslin'

Jacqueline T. Lynch: Jean Arthur

James Clark: Repulsion

James Reasoner: Son of Frankenstein

Janet Varney: Lisa Kate David

Jerry House: Big News (1929 film with Carole Lombard)

John Grant: A Kiss to Die For; Latin Quarter (1945; aka Frenzy)

John Greco: Au revoir les enfants

Judy Gester: Bicycle Thieves (aka The Bicycle Thief); Trapped by Television

Karen Hannsberry: Design for Living

Kate Laity: Night of the Eagle (aka Burn, Witch, Burn!)

Kelly Robinson: Wolf Blood; A Page of Madness; Haxan (aka Witchcraft Through the Ages); The Unknown (1927 film); Waxworks (1924 film); Un chien Andalou

Ken Levine: (re)writing sitcoms on the fly; Quantico

Kliph Nesteroff: The Tonight Show hosted by Jerry Lewis (1962)

Kristina Dijan: Secret of the incas; The Good Die Young; The Red Shoes (1948); September Film Diary 

Laura G.: Time to Kill; Naughty Marietta; Murder, My Sweet; Lucky Night; The Red Shoes (1948); Girls Under 21; TCM October    

Lindsey: Watch on the Rhine; Angel on My Shoulder; The Gazebo; September Films; Recent Films

Lucy Brown: Parade's End

Marty McKee: Toy Soldiers; Planet Earth (1974 telefilm/pilot)

Mystery Dave: Stardust

Patrica Nolan-Hall: Night of the Demon

Patrick Murtha: Closer to God

Patti Abbott: Listen to Me, Marlon

Pop My Culture: Dan Van Kirk

Raquel Stecher: Holiday Affair; Two on a Seesaw 

Rick: 25 Best Horror and Suspense Films

Rod Lott: We Are Still Here; Cop Car; Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film

Ruth: Romantic Comedies

Sam Juliano: The Last Picture Show; Hope and Glory

Sanchin Gandhi: The Red Balloon

Scott Cupp: The Leopard Man

Sergio Angelini: Mrs. Bradley Investigates (aka The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries): "Death at the Opera"

Stacia Jones: Prick Up Your Ears

Stephen Bowie: Cliff Robertson on 1950s television

Stephen Jones: 5 Best Horror Stories Adapted for TV and Film 

Steve Lewis: Die, Monster, Die!; Web of Deception

Television Obscurities: US TV, Fall 2000

Todd Mason: A night at the movies...revised for Hallowe'en...
Cartoon: "Jackie Kashian: Los Angeles Pet Owners" 
Cartoon: "April Richardson and Jimmy Pardo: Go Bayside!: The California Bandsaw Massacre"
Newsreel: The Onion Review for 12 May
Serial: The Maria Bamford Show
Short Western Film: "The Tonto Woman" (from a short story by Elmore Leonard)
Feature: Night of the Eagle (aka Burn, Witch, Burn!)
Alternate Feature: The City of the Dead (aka Horror Hotel)
Very alternate feature: Castaway (looking a bit soft in image, but difficult to pick up on the market otherwise of late...and not a perfect film, but an interesting one). Original choice here, Testament of Orpheus, didn't have any English subtitles option...alas...
Cartoon: "The Tell-Tale Heart"
(And a more recent, loosely-adapted variant)
Organ Music: Rhoda Scott and Barbara Dennerlein: "Yes or No"

Victoria Loomes: Fellini: the case against 

Vienna: Idiot's Delight 

Yvette Banek: Charlie Chan at the Opera


Elgin Bleecker said...

Great, varied list, Todd. Thanks.

Todd Mason said...

Thank you, Elgin. The season is concentrating attention on horror and suspense...but that doesn't ever hurt my feelings.

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Amazing list of contributors this week Todd - and where the hell that still from MESHES come from?

Todd Mason said...

A Google Images search...amusingly, a quick revisit isn't turning it up again.