Sunday, July 8, 2018

Some more women musicians, with and without some men (who explain later): Saturday Music Club in Mountain Time

A Tribe Called Red and Northern Voice: "Sisters"

Fanny: "Summer Song"

Strawberry Parfait: "Bulldog", "The Fugitive" and "The House of the Rising Sun"

Samantha Fish Band: "Cowtown"; "Need You More"; "Don't Say You Love Me"; "Daughters"; "American Dream"

Rising Appalachia: "Swoon"

Carion: "Six Bagatelles" (composer: Györgi Ligeti)

Barbara Hannigan and the Gothenburg Symphony Chamber Orchestra: "Mysteries of the Macabre" (composer: Györgi Ligeti; arrangement: Elgar Howarth)

1991 composition or, at least, arrangement: "Mysteries of the Macabre" is an arrangement by Elgar Howarth of the 3 arias sung by the Gepopo character in György Ligeti’s opera, Le Grand Macabre (1974-77).

The Maria Schneider Orchestra: "Choro Dancado"

The International Sweethearts of Rhythm: "She's Crazy with the Heat"; "That Man of Mine"; "Jump Children"; unidentified instrumental piece; "How About That Jive"; "I Left My Man"; unidentified instrumental excerpt; "Don't Get It Twisted"; "Just the Thing"

The International Sweethearts of Rhythm: "Lady Be Good"

Jelly Roll Morton: "Improving Spanish Tempos/Creepy Feelings" (Library of Congress Recordings)

Maria Schneider at the Library of Congress

Ian MacKaye at the Library of Congress

Dorothy Disney, a pioneering marriage advice columnist as at least one obit claims (notably for THE LADIES HOME JOURNAL's "Can This Marriage Be Saved?"), was Ian MacKaye's grandmother. Fun fact revealed here (at least new to me).

Chris Hillman at the Library of Congress

Fanny: "Hey, Bulldog" (live in Philadelphia, 1973)

The Beatles: "Hey, Bulldog"

Happy belated birthday, Richard Starkey...


Charlie said...

Totally approriate for this post and for those of you who are really into all kinds of music by women there is a great music blog I've discovered, emanating from Scotland, that features only women artists. No men need apply. Be sure to read the well-written, Highway Queens. You'll be glad you did.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Charlie...glad to see you blogging again, too...