Sunday, February 3, 2019

Fantasy Fiction and Other Key Magazines, on the Newsstands (Mostly), early August 1964

Macabre [#15, Summer 1964] (40¢, 24pp+, 6" x 9" s/s) edited and published by Joseph Payne Brennan

Though apparently there were August and September issues of SSI, information I can find as yet is scarce...the August issue apparently included stories by Alberto Moravia, Maurice Druon, and Wilfredo D. Nolledo.

Front cover by Janet Halverson
8 Letters
12 The Easy Chair: A Crisis of Casualness in Latin America  a column by John Paton Davies
23 After Hours: The Lonesome Pine Foundation  a column by Philip J. Davis
24 Poser  a puzzle by Philip Kaplan
33 The Italian Character an article by Luigi Giorgio Barzini
41The Oil Patch: Roughnecks and Operators on a Forgotten Frontier an article by Chandler Davidson
47 The Man to Watch at the Democratic Convention an article by Helen Fuller
50 What happened to your senior tigers? a sidebar article by ?Helen Fuller?
53 Harlem is Nowhere an essay by Ralph Ellison
58 Bringing Up Children: The American vs. the British Way an article by Eleanor Wintour
63 Dying Under Drilling a poem by Samuel Hazo
64 Mighty Matterhorn an article by Larry Eisenberg
66 St. Louis Takes the Cure: A Case History for Ailing Citiesby A.M. (Arthur Martin) Watkins
70 (Some short poems . . .) by William Stafford
77 The Scotch in Canada, Part III. A Sufficient and Changing Loveliness an article by John Kenneth Galbraith
81 Timid Lawyers and Neglected Clients an article by Daniel H. Pollitt
87 Blood, a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer
95 Washington Insights: The Choice for Vice President·by Joseph Kraft
98 “The making of a writer” a short article by Jean-Paul Sartre (translator?)
99 The New Books: Some New Poetry from Last August to this by William Jay Smith
103 Books in Brief by Katherine Gauss Jackson
106 Music in the Round: Mozart for our time by Anon
107 Jazz Notes: Interim by Eric Larrabee


Jerry House said...

And the memories come rushing back. Thanks, Todd.

Todd Mason said...

You're quite welcome, and thank you, Jerry. It's a time-consuming whimsy that has some research and reference value...and some impressive material comes back to me, as well...

Rick Robinson said...

Yet, no ANALOG?

Todd Mason said...

Not usually a fantasy magazine....and you see no AMAZING, GALAXY, IF, nor NEW WORLDS as yet (Paul Fraser asked about the last)...I thought I had done sf magazines for 8/64, but it seems as if no...