Sunday, December 29, 2019

FRIDAY'S "FORGOTTEN" BOOKS AND MORE: the links to the reviews and texts: 27/28 December 2019...with a New Year's late addition

This week's books and more, unfairly (or sometimes fairly) neglected, or simply those the reviewers below think you might find of some interest (or, infrequently, you should be warned away from); certainly, most weeks we have a few not at all forgotten titles...if I've missed your review or someone else's, please let me know in comments.

Les Blatt: The Monkey and the Tiger by Robert Van Gulik; The Murder in the Vicarage by Agatha Christie 

Joachim Boaz: "Thirteen to Centaurus" by J. G. Ballard, Amazing: Fact and Science Fiction Stories, April 1962, edited by Cele Goldsmith Lalli; The Space-Born by E. C. Tubb 

John Boston: Amazing: Fact and Science Fiction Stories, December 1964, edited by Cele Goldsmith Lalli 

Ben Boulden: HARM by Brian W. Aldiss

Michael R. Brown: The Argosy Library, Series V 

Brian Busby: Best Reads, the Year in Reviews; "A Christmas Fantasy" by Bernard Freeman Trotter

Douglas Cohen: Realms of Fantasy, February 1995, edited by Shawna McCarthy

Don D'Ammassa: fantasy reviews 

Hector DeJean: The Black Echo by Michael Connelly

Liz Dexter: A Woman's Place 1910-1975 by Ruth Adam; The Two Mrs. Abbotts by D. E. Stevenson 

Martin Edwards: The Unfinished Crime by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding 

Peter Enfantino: Atlas (proto-Marvel) horror comics; January 1953 

Barry Ergang: Outrage at Blanco by Bill Crider

Will Errickson: Twelve Tales of Suspense and the Supernatural by Davis Grubb 

José Ignacio Escribano: The Crimson Circle by Edgar Wallace 

Curtis Evans: The Ten Carrs of Christmas, Continued: John Dickson Carr: The Dead Man's Knock; The Department of Queer Complaints and March, Merrivale and Murder: the Colonel March stories; The 9 Wrong Answers 

"Olman Feelyus": The Case of the Gilded Fly by Edmund Crispin 

Paul Fraser: Keith Roberts, writer, illustrator, editor 

John Grant: Invisible City by Julia Dahl 

Aubrey Hamilton: Murder on a Bad Hair Day by Anne George; Chaser by Dharma Kelleher 

Bev Hankins: 52 books in 52 weeks

James Wallace Harris: The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson 

Lesa Heseltine: A Darcy Christmas, 3 novellas by Carolyn Eberhart, Amanda Grange and Sharon Lathan 

Rich Horton: Robert Charles Wilson short fiction; Fritz Leiber: You're All Alone and its variant The Sinful Ones 

Jerry House: Some Things Dark and Dangerous edited by Joan Kahn

Kate Jackson: Murder of Olympia by Margot Neville; books for Xmas

B. V. Lawson: May 2019 CF magazines

Des/D. F. Lewis: Teatro Grottesco by Thomas Ligotti 

Evan Lewis: The film Roadhouse Nights (script based on a story by Ben Hecht) and Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett; Nero Wolfe, the comic strip

Steve Lewis: "Message in the Sand" by John L. French, from Past Sins: The Matthew Grace Casebook; The Hour of the Oxrun Dead by C[harles]. L. Grant; "Shambleau" by C[atherine]. L. Moore, Weird Tales, November 1933, edited by Farnsworth Wright; The Decent Inn of Death by Rennie Airth 

Library of America: "Christmas Tree: A Christmas Circular Letter" by Robert Frost, from Mountain Interval 

Robert Lopresti: "Blue Skies" by Keith Snyder, Black Cat Mystery Magazine, #5/2019, edited by John Gregory Betancourt & Carla Coupe

Gary Lovisi: Royce Publishing's two-title Trophy Books line: Smile, Brother, Smile edited anonymously and The Pilditch Puzzle by W. B. M. Ferguson, abridged

Gideon Marcus et al.: the best fantastic fiction (and related work) in 1964

Todd Mason: 1950 US newsstand fantasy, sf and horror fiction magazines, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5Midcentury Literary Ferment: some best-ofs from magazines and movements: TriquarterlyIfVenture Science FictionShort Story International and other bohemian expressions; The 1965 US Annuals of fiction and drama, further augmented...

John F. Norris: The Haunted River by Charlotte Riddell 

John O'Neill: The Year's Best Fantasy Stories (DAW Books annual) edited by Lin Carter and Arthur Saha; Flashing Swords! edited by Lin Carter; The Space Anthologies edited by David Drake, Charles G. Waugh and Martin H. Greenberg

Matt Paust: The Constant Gardener by "John le Carré" (David Cornwell) 

Mildred Perkins: Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry

Jordan Prejean: The Twilight Zone Magazine, February 1982, edited by T. E. D. Klein

James Reasoner: Barbary Gold by H. Bedford-Jones, People's Favorite Magazine, 25 March 1919, editors uncredited; Texas Rangers, September 1952, edited by Jim Hendryx, Jr. 

Richard Robinson: The Life and Works of Bernie Fuchs by David Apatoff

Janet Rudolph: New Year's mysteries

Sandra Ruttan: The Bloomsday Dead by Adrian McKinty 

Gerard Saylor: Wyatt by Gary Disher; Clash of the Demons by Joseph Delaney; How the Dead Live by Derek Raymond

Scott: A Cat and a King by Diana Forbes-Robertson; Footsteps in the Night by Cicely Fraser-Simson 

Steve Scott: "Path of Glory" by John D. MacDonald, Adventure, July 1951, edited by Kendall Goodwyn; text of "Path of Glory" (

Victoria Silverwolf: Fantastic: Stories of Imagination, December 1964, edited by Cele Goldsmith Lalli 

Kerrie Smith: The Sounds of Crime edited by Maxim Jakubowski 

Marina Sofia: The True Deceivers by Tove Jannson (translated by Thomas Teal); Scarred Hearts by Max Blecher (translated by Henry Howard); Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas

Dan Stumpf: Sundown Jim (aka Red Harvest Rides the Range) by Ernest HaycoxEast of Eden by John Steinbeck

Kevin Tipple: Outrage at Blanco by Bill Crider; "The Empty Manger" by Bill Crider, from Murder, Mayhem, Mistletoe: Four Novellas by Bill Crider, Wendi Lee, Aileen Schumacher and Terence Faherty

"TomCat": Plain Sailing by Douglas Clark

James Van Pelt: "The Story of a True Artist" by Dominica Phetteplace, Zyzzyva, Winter 2015, edited by Laura Cogan; "An Awfully Big Adventure" by Barbara Krasnoff, from A History of Soul 2065

David Vineyard: 5 seasonal crime fictions: Thou Shell of Death by "Nicholas Blake" (Cecil Day-Lewis); Appleby's End by Michael Innes; The Finishing Stroke by "Ellery Queen" (Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee); Winter of Madness by David Walker; On Her Majesty's Secret Service by Ian Fleming

Bill Wallace: The Secret History of the Jersey Devil by Brian Regal

A. J. Wright: The Drama in Pokerville by Joseph M. Field


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My actual FFB Review was on THE EMPTY MANGER by Bill Crider.

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