Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spells cast: Saturday Music Club on Wednesday

I Put a Spell on You: some relatively recent recordings. Feliz Cinco de Mayo, mañana.

The Scarlet Furies

Harcsa Veronika Band

The Healers

Joss Stone Band

Emma-Lee and Jesse Cook

Samantha Fish Band

Elisabeth Kontomanou


Rick Robinson said...

I listened to the first 6 and like the Scarlet Furies the best.

Rick Robinson said...

Several of them seem to think they need to whisper it out. This a song that be sung softly, or belted out. I want to hear it, not strain to hear it.

Todd Mason said...

Yeah, six of a single song is already Pushing It, but I like how the last, while hewing pretty close to Nina Simone's approach, demonstrates Kontomanou is capable of engaging with the audience in a way Simone would've found very difficult.

I think each here has enough to recommend it, even if Stone's band is the most blatant example of the band being better than the vocalist.

I do think the guitarist-showcase record was reaching for the most straightforward reading possible, but I still like Emma-Lee's voice and approach.

Charlie Ricci said...

I believe the best version of this song goes back a long way - back to the 60s with Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Todd Mason said...

Screamin' Jay may or May Not forgive you, Charlie!

Todd Mason said...

The Healers, with a younger Samantha Fish, a very late addition...just now.